Download the "Winds of Winter" Tyrion chapter free by getting the "World Of Ice And Fire" app for Android and iOS. The app is free to download on the Google Play Store (HERE) and the iTunes Apple App Store (HERE). Once you download it you can get acess to the free Tyrion chapter which starts with him at the Battle of Meereen. Tyrion is with the Second Sons as they consider changing sides as the battle begins to go badly for the forces from Yunkai. The "Winds of Winter" chapter, which can be downloaded free and features Tyrion, is full of spoilers, naturally, so don't read it unless you've read the other books.

The "World Of Ice And Fire" app is the official app for the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series and it comes with a large number of features, bios, functions and spoilers which can be useful to fans of the book series and the TV show. When it comes to the Tyrion preview chapter, George R.R. Martin paints a dramatic scene and gives us a good idea of what the outcome of the Battle of Mereen might be. At this point in the book, it looks like the tide is turning against Yunkai as they are being attacked from many different directions, both land and sea. By land they face Ser Barristan Selmy leading the Unsullied, by sea the Ironborn lead by Victarion Greyjoy are clashing with their ships and Ironborn are beginning to start coming ashore. By air the dragons are taking action and causing terror in enemy ranks.

In the "Winds of Winter" Tyrion chapter which you can download for free you can also see Tyrion reminisce about some of his past actions. In particular he talks to Penny about his first battle and how his father stood over the battlefield as thousands of men died never lifting an arm. In addition to that memories of Shae return to haunt him. Meanwhile the dragons combined with the advance of the Unsullied and the landing of the Ironborn is compounded by wide scale confusion in leadership among the Yunkai. The Second Sons receive and refuse orders to fight the Ironborn on the beach, the Girl General gives orders for them to hold the Wicked Sister and other trebuchets, these orders are contradicted by another commander who says to sweep the unsullied. Ultimately, the Second Sons turn and Brown Ben Plumm declares that it was his plan to stand with Danerys all along.

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