More than a few PS4 owners are likely still struggling with Don't Starve addictions, following last month's debut of Don't Starve: Console Edition, and Klei is clearly looking to keep its most dedicated followers happy in 2014 with a new line of collectables and teasers for the upcoming Don't Starve: Reign of Giants DLC.

In a new blog post on the game's official website, Klei revealed a new set of Don't Starve collectables based on the various characters and creatures that appear in the breakout survival-sandbox hit, each of which will be sold to consumers in blind packs.According to Klei, each of the Don't Starve blind packs will include one of the twelve characters that's been immortalized in vinyl, a character-specific item of some kind, and a randomly selected accessory from a pool of fourteen unidentified items. Each figure is approximately 3.5 inches tall; however, Klei says some figures, like Pigs and Spiders, will be a bit taller/shorter than average.

Those interested in the figures will have the option of buying individual packs ($12.99), or opt for sets of three ($32.99), eight ($94.99) or sixteen ($184.99) blind packs that drop your price per unit by a few percent. Anyone looking for the best deal might want to note that buying multiples of the three-pack set offers the best bang for your buck. Buying three three-packs will give would-be collectors nine figures for $98.97, instead of the $94.99 being charged for eight; while splurging for five three-packs and an individual will give you the same number of figures as a full case for $7 less. You won't get the retail display box, but which item(s) are you really worried about getting your hands on?

Don't Starve Wilson the Gentleman Scientist collectable (PHOTO: Klei Entertainment)

Klei also released the third in a series of seasonally-themed teaser trailers for the upcoming Don't Starve: Reign of Giants DLC, the latest focusing on how the upcoming Don't Starve expansion will alter the gameplay experience during the game's spring season. The twenty second clip comes just a week after Klei released a "Winter Teaser" for the Reign of Giants DLC, and two weeks after the debut of an "Autumn Teaser" for the Don't Starve expansion.

Each of the Don't Starve: Reign of Giants preview clips offer fans glimpses of new items, mobs and gameplay features that will be coming to both the Steam and PlayStation 4 versions of Don't Starve later this year -- with what appears to be a moose egg serving as the focal point of this week's trailer -- but it seems we'll have to wait a bit longer for any sort of detailed breakdown of the changes coming on the Reign of Giants release date.

If you haven't yet, take sixty seconds and check out all three of the Don't Starve: Reign of Giants teaser trailers from Klei Entertainment, or head over to the company's new online store if you're interested in seeing more on the company's new line of Don't Starve collectables.

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Are you looking forward to the impending debut of the Don't Starve: Reign of Giants DLC? Still struggling to work your way through all the content in the Steam and/or PS4 versions of the game? Have an idea for an item or feature you'd like to see in the next Don't Starve expansion?

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