We all know Mondays usually suck so it's our job to come up with clever little ways to survive. We wear our most beloved outfit, make our favorite lunch, or take the time to actually get a good cup of coffee instead of drinking that Flavia crud. However, today my friends ... we will cheer ourselves up with some ridiculously cute dog videos.

Let's face it ... you're probably not really working anyway so how about you take a few minutes to live in bliss with these cute widdle pups!

Meet Montana, the 10-year-old Yellow Lab that can't quite get how to get his stick through the fence.

I nearly lost it with this one. This is a "Scottie Pinwheel"! Six little Scottish Terriers circle a bowl of goat's milk. You have to see the end when their little black faces become covered in white. Adorable.

This is Denver, the guilty dog. With a missing pack of kitty cat treats, it's not hard to tell that Denver is the guilty party! The soundtrack makes the video that much better. His face is too much.

Here's Carrie, the dancing dog! She can probably dance better than me, sadly.

And for you cat lovers ... Two cats, a fox, and an eagle ... in Alaska. Enough said.

And, the last one for the day! Two cats playing in the snow. At 33 seconds I had the biggest smile.

Hope your Monday was made!