Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, the Twelfth Doctor. He's coming to televisions near you - by which I mean televisions in Britannia - starting this summer (despite rumors to the contrary), or at least in the second half of 2014. And there are lots and lots of rumors out there - all somewhat convincing, somewhat dubious - that Peter Capaldi is going to be a one-off. A one season Doctor. Let's take a look at why, and whether or not it's legitimate.




First off, the Peter Capaldi one season rumor is just that, a rumor. In fact, it explicitly started as a rumor on The Mirror, a British paper, and even they acknowledge they have only loose insider gossip to suggest that Capaldi could be a one-off. Folks, I'll just say it straight off the bat: this is not a credibly-sourced rumor. It may be true, it may not be true, but only vague murmurings have suggested Capaldi's time may be limited... murmurings, and deeper guesses at Steven Moffat's motives over a deeper reinvention of the story.

I don't mean to discount insider gossip entirely; that is obviously a valid source of information, whether for "Doctor Who" release date news or any other subject of interest. But it is certainly not reliable information. Peter Capaldi may well end up being a one season doctor, but none of the rumors right now are convincing in the slightest. The reasoning behind making Capaldi a one-term doctor, however, is pretty sound: the show could use a shake-up, especially when it inevitably moves on from Moffat's handling, as it sooner or later has to do. It would be best to get that shake-up going before he leaves.

The Peter Capaldi "Doctor Who" rumors may have gotten their start simply because he's such a typical choice to play the Doctor: he's a quirky, eccentric British actor, even if this one does happen to be a lot older than the last few (that plays into it, too). We still haven't gotten a Doctor who wasn't a WASP or a man, either, and both would be extremely welcome. But Capaldi is only 55; he could easily play The Doctor for years if that's in Moffat's plan.

There's just no way to know yet, unless you work on the production... and if you do work on the production, there's no way you can convince anyone else without getting in serious trouble. So it all hast o remain a mystery for now.

Peter Capaldi debuts with the next "Doctor Who" season premiere, loosely set for late summer or early fall.