"Django Unchained," Quentin Tarantino's new movie featuring Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Christopher Waltz, leaked online this past weekend.

With Oscar season upon us, DVD screeners for Academy voters have been leaking like wildfire. First there was "Lincoln," the Steven Spielberg directed Abraham Lincoln biopic, starring Daniel Day Lewis. Then, "The Hobbit" leaked online, less than a month after it was released into theaters. Now, "Django Unchained" surfaced online, less than2 weeks after it was released into theaters.

"Django Unchained," directed by Tarantino, surrounds an ex-slave and a bounty hunter who go to one of the biggest plantations in the South to save the slave's wife. Jamie Foxx plays the titular character, Django, Waltz plays the bounty hunter, and Leonardo DiCaprio plays the racist plantation owner. The film has been nominated for a plethora of Golden Globe awards, including Best Drama, and two Best Supporting Actor In A Drama nominations for DiCaprio and Waltz. Interesting, Foxx hasn't been nominated for anything, and many fans are citing some underlying racism from the voters. However, in my opinion, the Best Actor category is too strong to include Foxx, who did a remarkable job playing an ex-slave, but still doesn't compare to heavyweights like Daniel Day Lewis (who played Abraham Lincoln), Joaquin Phoenix in "The Master," or Denzel Washington in "Flight."

Hollywood needs to be careful about these screeners getting leaked left and right. Even though they are reserved for Academy voters who vote for the nominees for the Oscars, somehow, major torrenters are getting their hands on these copies. And, even though they are riddled with security measures, including watermarks, torrenters are getting smarter and smarter and are able to eliminate the watermarks and other security measures to produce a near-DVD quality file. "Django Unchained" and "The Hobbit" have the most to lose from the leaks, since they haven't been in theaters that long. "Django" was released on Christmas Day, and "The Hobbit" premiered in theaters a week before that. Since they're still in theaters, the leaks can drastically affect their sales.

To watch "Django Unchained" online, pay a visit to your favorite torrent site and search "Django Unchained." Make sure you keep an eye out for a "DVDSCR" or "Screener" tag to find the best quality version of the film. And, you should also watch it in theaters as well to support the director, actors, and crew who worked so hard to produce such an amazing movie. Please be aware that downloading torrents can be considered illegal, depending on where you live. Download with caution.

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