Did Samsung really pay Apple in five-cent coins? A story which was published nearly a week ago on The Blade Brown Show blog regarding the Samsung Galaxy S4 maker paying Apple a $1 billion settlement in nickels has been flooding social media this week. As a result, delighted Samsung fans, or the everyday Joe who just appreciates a witty prank, are getting a good giggle out of the "Samsung paid Apple in coins" tale.

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samsung pay paid apple fine one billion 1 settlement nickels coins 5 cent hoax true false real Arecent report on The Brown Blade Show alleges that Samsung paid Apple, all in 5-cent coins or nickels, a fine of $1 billion dollars. The story is quickly going viral on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, but is it true? (Photo: Wikimedia)

In the post the author writes:

"This morning more than 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple's headquarters in California. Initially, the security company that protects the facility said the trucks were in the wrong place, but minutes later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a call from Samsung CEO explaining that they will pay $1 billion dollars for the fine recently ruled against the South Korean company in this way."

The story goes on to reveal that the settlement agreement set no parameters for how the $1 billion fine was to be paid; therefore, Samsung opted to pay it in five-cent coins. Dubbing it a "dirty but genius geek troll play" the author explains the headache it will be for Apple to have the money counted and deposited — that is, if a bank will even accept that amount of coins as a deposit.

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The author then quotes the Chairman of Samsung Electronics, Lee Kun-hee, saying the company would not be intimidated by a group of "geeks with style" and that if Apple wanted to play dirty, Samsung was happy to comply.

"You can use your coins to buy refreshments at the little machine for life or melt the coins to make computers, that's not my problem, I already paid them and fulfilled the law."

samsung pay paid apple fine one billion 1 settlement nickels coins 5 cent hoax true false real Chairman of Samsung Electronics Lee Kun-hee allegedly sent 30 trucks with $1 billion in 5-cent coins to Apple headquarters as payment for a fine, in a recent patent infringement court case (Photo: Reuters)

Did Samsung Really Pay Apple In Coins?

While the image of Samsung paying Apple in coins seems truly humorous, the question is, did it actually happen? Did Samsung truly seek revenge on Apple for the $1 billion dollar fine by paying them back in nickels?

The answer? No.

While the website The Blade Brown Show has no indicator that it is a parody site, what is written there can barely be taken as factual news. In addition to the "Samsung pays Apple $1 billion in coins" story, The Blade Brown Show also features some other outlandish stories such as one about GTA V having to cease sales because of musical copyright infringement.

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Samsung Paid Apple Lawsuit In 30 Trucks Full Of Coins? Nickel & Penny Payment Rumors Still Going Strong On Social Media [VIDEO] This meme concerning Samsung paying Apple a $1 Billion settlement with 30 truck loads of 5 cent coins went viral last August when the hoax first started. Now it has resurfaced for a second go around on Twitter and Facebook (Photo: Twitter) Twitter

As most that follow the techno-sphere news stream know, Samsung and Apple are always going head-to-head over one patent or other. Just this week, a court ruled that Samsung had in fact infringed on some of Apple's key iPhone and iPad features in several of its mobile devices. On Tuesday, a jury is to begin deciding just how much Samsung Electronics owes Apple for copying key features of the iPhone and iPad, including the "pinch to zoom" option. While Apple is demanding $380 million in fines from Samsung, but the Korean company believes $52 million is a more suitable figure.

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Samsung Paid Apple Lawsuit In 30 Trucks Full Of Coins? Nickel & Penny Payment Rumors Still Going Strong On Social Media [VIDEO] Apple's pinch-to-zoom option on iPads and iPhones is one of several patent infringement the company has gone to court with Samsung over. Some rumors suggest Samsung paid one of these fines to Apple in 5-cent coins but that rumor is not true (Photo:Apple) Apple

Where Did The "Samsung Paid Apple In Coins" Rumor Originate? Year-Old Rumor Goes Viral Again

Last Fall, when Apple and Samsung were having another of their many patent infringement court squabbles, a story emerged via Paperblog.com that said the Korean electronics company paid the Apple fine in coins. Paperblog.com is a self professed humor site, and when visiting the site, readers will discover the story published over a year ago is the exact same one found on The Blade Brown Show site. At that time, the story of Samsung paying a settlement in coins went viral to the point that Snopes.com, The Guardian and several other news sources took it upon themselves to debunk it. The story was likely written as a parody after a jury decision was made that found Samsung had infringed on Apple's patents in 26 of its products. Apple was then awarded a $1.05 billion settlement.

True Stories Of People Paying Fines In Pennies, Nickels And Oragami Dollars

woman pays ex husband with pennies beans and rice The story of Samsung paying Apple in coins isn't the only revenge payment to go viral in the news. In one recent case a woman paid her ex-husband a divorce settlement in pennies mixed with rice and beans (Photo: Imgur)

Though the story of Samsung paying Apple a fine of $1 billion in coins is not true, there have been a number of viral stories in the news that involved angry individuals who, in an act of passive revenge, paid large amounts of money in coins such as pennies and nickels.

In one story that went viral last August, involved an angry ex-wife who was ordered by a court to pay her ex-husband $50.12 as part of a divorce settlement. The enraged wife did indeed pay the settlement — all in pennies. To add insult to injury, she delivered the coins in Tupperware containers filled with rice and beans to make the sorting more difficult.

Then, in September, a story went viral of a man who got a $137 traffic ticket and paid it with 137 origami pig $1 bills, put in a pair of Dunkin Donut boxes.

apple samsung lawsuit paid in nickels settlement picture guy pays parking ticket in origami pigs This picture shows how one guy got revenge for a parking fine by paying his $137 traffic ticket with 137 origami pig $1 bills, delivered in a pair of Dunkin Donut boxes. (Photo: Imgur)

That same month, the story of a man in Australia who attempted to pay a $60 parking ticket in five-cent coins also went viral after the man unfortunately discovered that, according to Australian law, anyone can legally refuse payments made with five-cent coins for transactions over five dollars. The cashier for the city refused the man's coin payment and, therefore, his fine is considered still outstanding. There have been no updates as to whether or not the man paid the fine appropriately at a later time.

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If you hear of anyone spreading the rumor that Samsung has paid Apple a $1 billion fine in five-cent coins, perhaps pass this article along. Though the story is certainly a humorous one, it's not factual.