Diablo 3 release date for next gen: sometime in 2014. That's the first mega-official word from Blizzard on the PlayStation 4 version of their dungeonfest. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version comes out in September. Plus, both console versions will have slews of new features of an unknown nature. Let's take a look at what we've recently learned.

First up, the Diablo 3 release date for PlayStation 4 is going to be a ways off. That's because Blizzard just got the dev kits, or at least the latest version of them. So they have quite a lot of work to do on the Diablo 3 console port for next-gen (currently only confirmed for PS4) before it will be ready for primetime. That's the main reason Diablo 3 PS4 will miss the console launch, even though the PC version of the game has been out for a hearty two years.

On the plus side, Diablo 3 PS4 will benefit from waiting until 2014. Blizzard is fully optimizing the game for the new system, so it will have better graphics than the PS3 version, less slowdown in busy situations, and general improvements all around. Short version: they aren't making a shoddy Diablo 3 PS4 port just to make a port. They have no reason to do so; they're Blizzard. They can and will take their time, perfect the PS3 version first, and then get to work on the PS4 version once they have a better understanding of the hardware. Until then, we won't even know how the versions will be different.

The DiabloFans interview touched on other topics besides the Diablo 3 next gen version as well. Most notably, major class balance changes are on their way for anyone who still plays the dungeon diving game. New customization options such as the Mystic may make their way into the game, and various skills are getting tweaked and rebalanced.

All of those Diablo 3 tweaks are just a prelude to the Diablo 3 expansion. It's hard to say when exactly that will happen, but plans for it are definitely in the works. The interview confirms, however, that an expansion will not necessarily launch on all platforms, at least not at the same time: PS3 and Xbox 360 players may be out of luck on a day and date release. But it's too far off for that to really matter.

The Diablo 3 release date for consoles will let everyone who didn't experience being disappointed by Diablo 3 on PC or Mac enjoy that experience all for themselves. The game launches on September 3 on PS3 and Xbox 360 and sometime in 2014 for PS4.