Dexter season 8 finale spoilers are suggested by an interactive infographic created by Hannah Bloom (HERE). Users can click through the info graphic to find different pathways that could see Dexter's downfall or salvation. For instance, in the front page some of the options are "Clean Slate", with Dexter getting off scot free; "Suicide" with Dexter killing himself; "Detained" with Dexter being arrested; "Flee USA" with Dexter successfully leaving the country and "Murdered" with Dexter being killed at his own game.

Hannah Bloom writes about the "Dexter" season 8 finale spoilers infographic (Note: Minor changes made to the piece):

The waiting is almost over and the pieces have been carefully positioned to make for a shocking and suspenseful "Dexter" season 8 finale. After a six year run, it is now time to say goodbye to our favorite (fictional) serial killer once and for all. Yet as the suspense mounts, we are still left to wonder what fate lies in Dexter's future.

Over the past 7 ½ action packed seasons, Dexter has also been poisoned, brutally beaten, stabbed and almost killed countless time. If Dexter can survive these near death experiences and dozens of close encounters with the law...what could possibly be in store for the final episode? After exploring the facts, I have come up with some well thought out Dexter season 8 finale predictions.

Clean Slate - Dexter finds a way to suppress his urge to kill because he wants to be a better father and brother.

Suicide - It's the end of the road for Dexter. There is no way out, how does the infamous serial killer end his life?

Detained - We have seen Dexter nearly get caught hundreds of times and we've even seen him in handcuffs. The man whose number one rule is "Never get caught" could possibly get caught.

Flee the Country - Dexter has already made plans to leave the country with Hannah McKay. He could be forced to leave IF information got in the wrong hands and there was a warrant for his arrest...

Murdered - We already know that the Brain Surgeon is one step ahead of Dexter. The Brain Surgeon or someone completely unsuspecting might have what it takes to outsmart Dexter Morgan.

Taking a look back on this season, we are reminded of several elements that could come into play in the final episode of Dexter. Harrison's bloody stuffed animal has evidence that ties Dexter to a murder case. There's also the mysterious disappearance of Zach Hamilton that has caught the attention of Deputy Chief Mathews. Angel Batista has Maria LaGuerta's investigation notes, there is a US Marshall hunting for Hannah McKay, and Deb is harboring a fugitive. Although the finale is unclear, the evidence is laid out. We can only prepare for an explosive finale.

Of course not all "Dexter" season 8 finale spoilers are equally likely, some of the infographic options include a fast forward of 20 years in the "Murdered" category where Dexter gets killed by his own son, Harrison. The infographic for that pathway says, "If Dexter had followed the code he would have never gotten caught. Rita Wilson, Maria LaGuerta and countless others died because Dexter got sloppy. Harrison blames his father for a life filled with anger, darkness and the ever present urge to kill. Dexter taught Harrison everything he knew about the perfect crime. Harrison used these skills to catch his father off guard. The series ends with Harrison dropping his father's remains from the Slice of Life II into the depths of the ocean."

That strikes us as a bit too melodramatic of a "Dexter" season 8 finale ending. The show has done plenty of flashbacks but never a flash forward. The only time we ever saw Dexter really contemplate the distant future is when he followed saw the tooth fairy, Walter Kenny. Kenny had been an object of admiration since his childhood. Now when he saw Kenny's life as a bitter old man in a nursing home Dexter was disgusted by his life. He also knew at that point he never wanted to have Harrison find out or hate him the way Kenny hated his son. So far Dexter has done everything he could to give his son a good life, it seems like he would die before allowing anything to happen to Harrison.

Other "Dexter" season 8 finale spoilers by Hannah Bloom seem more possible. One final ending she suggests is Dexter's suicide, "He knows that if Batista arrests him, there will not be any way out of life imprisonment...or worse. Dexter makes one final kill room, places photos of his victims on the wall and stabs himself without hesitation. As life slips away from him he sees a vision of Deb and Harrison playing at the beach without a care in the world and he knows that they will be ok." At San Diege Comic Con, Michael C. Hall and the "Dexter" panel did suggest that fans would be surprised and a little bit upset about Dexter's fate. This could fit the bill nicely.

There are now only two more "Dexter" episodes left in season 8. In just two weeks we will learn what Dexter's ultimate fate will be. The infographic is well put together, we recommend playing around with it.

Find out what happens in when final episode airs September 22nd on Showtime at 9pm EST:

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