"Dexter" season 8 episode 2 "Every Silver Lining" review is particularly interesting because of the developments that occurred on the show. Firstly the earlier unease we felt about Dr. Vogel was compounded making us strongly suspect that she is manipulating all the murders of the so-called "Brain Surgeon". The next major development was that Debra continued to fall to pieces and began to behave with increasing recklessness and ruthlessness.

To recap, "Dexter" season 8 episode 1, "A Beautiful Mind," ended as Dexter was confronted with the realization that Dr. Vogel knew about Harry's Code. In "Every Silver Lining," we learn that Dr. Vogel is Dexter's spiritual mother. She was the therapist that Dexter's father, Harry, sought solace with in dealing with Dexter's disturbing developmental issues as a child. She shows Dexter old videotape footage in which Harry describes an incident where he took Dexter to a crime scene when he was 10-years-old. He seemed fascinated by the carnage, to the point he took a broken blood covered piece of glass home. His first trophy, his first blood slide.

Where the "Dexter" season 8 episode 2 "Every Silver Lining" reviews some of Dexter's past when the creepy Dr. Vogel reveals that she was instrumental in devising The Code and re-directing Dexter's murderous sentiments toward killing other criminals and serial killers. Firstly, it's questionable why Harry would allow his sessions with Dr. Vogel to be videotaped and also why he would confide in her so much when he took such great pains to prevent his son from going to jail. We increasingly get the feeling that Dr. Vogel is manipulating Dexter as episode 2 "Every Silver Lining" progresses.

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"Dexter" season 8 episode 2 "Every Silver Lining" emphasizes Dr. Vogel's divergent messages and beliefs when she flat out tells him that she suspects the "Brain Surgeon" is one of her old patients, that he is coming after her and that she wants Dexter's help in killing him. When Dexter questions why she simply doesn't go to the police or her FBI friends she responds that some of the methods she used with patients were illegal and that the revelation of these methods would destroy her career.

Naturally this leads us to suspect that she is manipulating Dexter and the "Brain Surgeon". It seems more than likely that Dr. Vogel has used the method she used on Dexter to create an entire class of "good" serial killers. Now Dr. Vogel intends to manipulate them into wiping each other out so she can cover her tracks. This seems a plausible scenario, another possibility is that Dr. Vogel herself is the real "Brain Surgeon", particularly when she shows Dexter the jar she has with a portion of the dead victim's brain.

In "Dexter" season 8 episode 2 "Every Silver Lining" the ever resourceful Dexter manages to recover a fingerprint from the scene of a second murder victim and tracks down the suspect to Lyle Sussman. He shows up at Sussman's hunting cabin only to find him dead and hanging from a hook. Clearly he either had an accomplice who murdered him or he committed suicide. Dexter returns to find Dr. Vogel's house has supposedly been broken into, nothing has been taken but only a cd has been left on her table. They watch the tape together and find that Sussman was coerced at gunpoint into strangling the victim with a plastic bag. The real killer, or at least the killer culpable for the murder is only briefly seen wearing blue gloves. He appears to be male but it's hard to tell since we don't see his face. Who is this other culprit and is he the real "Brain Surgeon," or is he someone else who has been set into motion by Dr. Vogel?

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We also begin to get the sense in "Dexter" season 8 episode 2 "Every Silver Lining", something that we have suspected for some time now, that Dexter is not a "real" psychopath. Even Dr. Vogel comments that his empathy for Deb and his desire to form social relationships is odd and does not fit with others who have his condition. She even comments in one of the old videos in which Harry is talking to her about Dexter's kills that he seems to have an innate sense of goodness and right and wrong.

We begin to suspect in the review of "Dexter" season 8 episode 2 "Every Silver Lining" that Dexter's psychopathy and serial killing is not so much the result of a deep-seated birth condition, but rather that twisted and manipulative therapy of Dr. Vogel who sought to turn him into a tool of social cleansing rather than actually treat him. Perhaps if Dexter had a real therapist, someone who sought to treat him and restrain his murderous impulse, he would not have become a serial killer at all. After all, Dr. Vogel herself points out that psychopathic traits can be found in many of the world's successful CEO's and politicians and neither of them directly go around murdering people.

The "Dexter" season 8 episode 2 review takes us to a few different tangents that diverge from the main storyline. There is a subplot involving Quinn and his romantic entanglement with Batista's sister, Jaime, while he struggles with his lingering romantic feelings for Debra.

Speaking of Debra, "Dexter" season 8 episode 2 "Every Silver Lining" has major plot and character development for Deb. She continues to try and get hold of the jewels that Briggs hid and find them in a storage container. Unfortunately for her, she gets tracked down by El Sapo, the gang hitman, who gives her a beating but spares her life, telling her he hasn't been paid to kill her. Debra recovers, finds him outside and shoots him dead.

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Dexter is horrified when he discovers Deb's blood and the crime scene and confronts her about the shooting. She responds that she may have acquired a taste for shooting people after La Guerta, heavily hinting that she may shoot Dexter at some point this season. We previously speculated that Dexter would die and that Debra would be the one to kill him. This seems to confirm that.

Our "Dexter" season 8 episode 2 review "Every Silver Lining" leaves us eagerly looking forward to the next episode.

What do you think of the "Dexter" Season 8 Episode 2 review "Every Silver Lining"? Who is the real "Brain Surgeon"? Will Debra kill Dexter? What is Dr. Vogel up to?

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