The 'Bootylicious' women are back! After eight long years of Destiny's Child withdrawal, Beyonce Knowles announced on her Facebook that she is proud to confirm the trio will be coming out with original music.

I can picture 20-somethings grinning from ear to ear now!

Destiny's Child will be releasing "Love Songs" in late January but if you're eager you can pre-order it.

The album is a compilation of previous love songs the group had recorded except for 'Nuclear' which is Destiny's Child's newest single co written by Michelle Williams and produced by Pharrell and Beyonce.

Now today's tweens can finally understand our obsession with "Say My Name" ...Say my name! If no one is around you say baby "I love you" if you aint' runnin' game! I'm getting carried away.

And with Beyonce performing at the Super Bowl halftime show this year could we expect a Destiny's Child on stage reunion? Wishful thinking!