It's been a big week in gaming news, thanks to the torrent of information that continues to spew forth from the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo, and it seems Capcom is dead set on making sure some of the ensuing anticipation among the gaming community is focused squarely on the Dead Rising 3 release date.

With all of the week's major press conferences in the books, all eyes are now fixed firmly on the games present at E3 2013, and one Xbox One exclusive which inarguably managed to turn quite a few heads was Capcom's upcoming open-world zombie title, Dead Rising 3. The next entry in the fan-favorite Dead Rising franchise certainly looks different from its predecessors, but in a way that's likely to leave zombie game fans desperate for any new information they can find about the game ahead of the Dead Rising 3 release date. Although I wasn't able to get any hands-on time with Dead Rising 3 at E3 this year, I did get to see a Dead Rising 3 game play demo, and had a few moments to speak with members of the DR3 dev team as well.

As for the basics, Capcom has confirmed that Dead Rising 3 will take place roughly 10 years after the events of Fortune City, and see players take control of Nick Ramos only 72-hours removed from the the zombie outbreak in Los Perdidos. Players will have a much larger world to explore in Dead Rising 3 as well, with Los Perdidos split into four large, distinct districts that each hold their own challenges and valuable supplies. And, since it's a Dead Rising game, you'll have 72 hours to save as many survivors as possible and evacuate Los Perdidos before the army razes the city.

A great many changes are coming in the next Dead Rising title. The world which players will explore in Dead Rising 3 is much bleaker than those explored by Frank West and Chuck Greene in Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2. Most notably are the game's color palette and overall theme, with both being much darker/heavier than previous entries in the Dead Rising franchise. In fact, we'd be slightly shocked to see the return of some of the series' more comical items, like the Servbot Mask.

Of course, not everything has changed in Dead Rising 3, and fans will be excited to see the return of the Dead Rising franchises' extensive collection of costumes, collectibles, weapons, and post-apocalyptic inventions meant solely for dispatching the undead. Nick will be able to swap his default mechanic's jumpsuit for a wide variety of outfits - both a hazmat suit and mascot-style shark costume were shown during the Dead Rising 3 demo - and will also be able to craft weapons on-the-go (instead of being forced to search for workbenches) thanks to the skills he acquired as an auto mechanic.

Strangely, Ramos is also capable of calling in drone strikes and local bombings from those watching the Dead Rising 3 presentation could only assume to be the U.S. military. Unfortunately, said abilities are apparently tied to SmartGlass devices, and the team certainly implied that many of the SmartGlass actions will only be triggerable with a smartphone or tablet of some kind.

A bit of a silver lining did emerge from the Dead Rising 3 demonstration though, at least for those of us who couldn't be paid to bring an Xbox One into their home. While the Dead Rising 3 dev team did say they were confident in the game's ability to succeed while exclusive to the Xbox One, and firmly denied any plans/regrets for a possible PS4 launch, they weren't quite as black and white when asked about other platforms. As a long time fans of the Dead Rising series, who has absolutely no intention of purchasing an Xbox One, I asked the team if there was any chance the game could makes its way to PC at some point down the line.

Unfortunately, none of the Dead Rising team could offer any sort of comment...but it was pretty much impossible not to notice the smiles on their faces when I asked. Now, I don't know about you guys, but that certainly gives me a bit of hope.

If you haven't already, take a few minutes, and check out the official Dead Rising 3 announce trailer:

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Are you looking forward to the Dead Rising 3 release date? Uninterested in Capcom's zombie-survival series? Holding out hope for a Dead Rising 3 release date on PC at some point in the future?

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