DayZ Standalone may have just received a brand new patch on Wednesday but, thanks to regular social media updates from creator Dean "Rocket" Hall, we already have some idea of what fans can expect from DayZ Standalone over the next six-plus months.

Fans rejoiced when a new DayZ Standalone build went live this week, complete with shotguns that finally give players a reason to pick up the 12 gauge ammo scattered around Chernarus, and a follow-up reddit AMA with the game's creator revealed even more news about the future of DayZ Standalone. As usual, Hall shied away from offering up firm release dates for any of the new features being planned for the game, but it sounds like those hoping to see Bohemia Interactive expand on DayZ Standalone's survival mechanics should be pleased with what's coming during the first half of 2014.

Those hoping to see DayZ Standalone blessed with at least a few of the many land, air and sea vehicles currently available in the DayZ mod will be happy to know that Bohemia Interactive expects to begin introducing faster means of transportation in the next few months. There's no word yet on which vehicle(s) will be coming first, but Hall did specifically discuss both cars and aircraft, seemingly confirming at least two different types of transportation will make the jump.

DayZ Standalone DayZ Standalone (PHOTO: Bohemia Interactive)

Hunting and camping will both be making their DayZ Standalone debut this year as well, assuming everything goes according to Bohemia Interactive's plan, and the team is also looking to introduce more rudimentary weapons like throwing knives and hunting bows too. Once these sorts of weapons have been added to the game, Hall says Bohemia Interactive will also begin to scale back the number of military-class weapons that spawn in Chernarus.

Base building and an improved stamina system are also on the horizon for DayZ Standalone, though Hall warned that both will be gradual releases instead of single update deliveries. A number of factors will influence a player's stamina, including hunger, thirst and illness, and the DayZ creator says the team at Bohemia Interactive is looking at ways to incorporate a weight system into the game as well. As for base building, Hall said he and the team want players to be able to leave their own mark on Chernarus; however, adding those systems will be a slow-going process that will begin with the introduction of barricades.

Of course, as the session wore on, Hall was forced to answer a few more-pointed outright demands to know when DayZ Standalone would have vehicles, base building and other things that (according to one user) would make the game "playable." To his credit, Hall answered the question patiently, saying that the reddit user could expect many of his most-anticipated features to be in the game within the next six months.

DayZ Standalone DayZ Standalone (PHOTO: Bohemia Interactive)

Last, but certainly not least, Hall returned to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to share one last final bit of information about DayZ Standalone: the (target) release schedule for future patches.

Hall says that the DayZ Standalone will regularly release new experimental patches -- which we're assuming to mean roughly once a week, or more -- and stable builds of DayZ Standalone will be released once a month. There's a possibility that some months will see more than one stable build of DayZ Standalone released by Bohemia Interactive, but it sounds like fans shouldn't necessarily expect more than eleven additional (stable) updates in 2014. Fortunately, accessing the experimental builds is as simple as switching over to the beta branch in DayZ Standalone's Steam application settings, and won't even force you to wipe progress your progress from standard DayZ Standalone servers.

For more on DayZ Standalone, check out Dean Hall's complete reddit AMA, or read up on our first impressions after a few hours with the DayZ Standalone alpha. I'd also recommend taking some time to peruse the Community Consolidated Suggestions presentation that was assembled by an unspecified number of Russian DayZ Standalone players, considering that Hall has confirmed he and the rest of the DayZ Standalone team have been reviewing the materials. There's no guarantee that all (or any) of the suggestions will be followed, but it can't hurt to know where the DayZ Standalone dev teams' heads are at, can it?

Be sure to check back with and follow Scott on Twitter for more on DayZ Standalone as we continue to keep tabs on Bohemia Interactive's multiplayer zombie-survival game throughout its time in Steam Early Access and for as long as the DayZ Standalone team continues to support the game.

What do you think of the changes introduced in this week's DayZ Standalone build? Are you excited about some of the new features being planned by Dean Hall and the rest of the team at Bohemia Interactive? Going to take Hall's advice and wait six months before buying your own copy of DayZ Standalone?

Let us know in the comments section!

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