Ongoing updates to DayZ Standalone version 0.36 might have Bohemia Interactive hesitant to release patch notes for the game's latest experimental build, so we scoured social media for word on changes that have been confirmed by Dean Hall and/or the DayZ community since the latest DayZ Standalone experimental build debuted on Thursday.

Many players are still enjoying some of the new content added to DayZ Standalone throughout the course of February, especially now that the latest patch for the game plugged a major GPU memory leak that can wreck havoc on your machine's performance during long play sessions. Of course, there will always be some who are anxious to get their hands on new features for whatever game(s) they're currently playing.

Fortunately, Bohemia Interactive has already released the latest experimental version of DayZ, and it seems some major changes are coming whenever DayZ Standalone version 0.36 makes its way over to the game's stable server hive. So far, only a handful of changes have been confirmed, but we'll be keeping an eye on the web over the next few days and those interested in finding out what's changing in DayZ Standalone will find new updates to the list below as they're available.

Here are the confirmed changes from DayZ Standalone version 0.36 experimental build: [Updated 2/19]

A recent reddit interview with DayZ art lead Chris Torchia also confirmed that bicycles would soon make their way to DayZ Standalone, despite remaining conspicuously absent from a variety of vehicle-related conversations that followed recent DayZ Standalone roadmap releases. During the interview, Torchia directly confirms that he and his team are working on art for the bikes, but the DayZ Standalone dev didn't offer any sort of timeline for the two-wheeled transport's in-game debut. Torchia also tweeted an image of two new ballistic helmets on Friday, including one inspired by UN Peacekeepers' gear, that will presumably be added to DayZ Standalone in a future patch.

In other DayZ news, a new report from Game Reactor reveals creator/lead game designer Dean Hall has spoken "extensively" with Microsoft about the possibility of his hit zombie-survival game making its way over to the Xbox One at some point down the line. The game received a mention in a promotional image for the PlayStation 4, sparking rumors of an impending PS4 port; however, Bohemia Interactive has yet to confirm plans to bring DayZ Standalone to either next-gen console.

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What do you think of the changes confirmed for DayZ Standalone v0.36 so far? Still experiencing a major bug or other game-breaking issue that hasn't been addressed in an existing DayZ Standalone patch? Have an idea for an item, game mechanic or other feature you'd like to see introduced in an upcoming DayZ update?

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