Earlier this weekend, torrents popped up online of "The Dark Knight Rises," the final Batman movie of the trilogy by Christopher Nolan.

"The Dark Knight Rises," which stars numerous Oscar winners, including Christian Bale, Michael Caine, and Marion Cotilliard, and other famous actors like Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway and Morgan Freeman.

This weekend, many torrent sites, including isohunt, KickAss Torrents, and The Pirate Bay, saw an influx of files listed as a DVD quality or 720p or 1080p version of the hit movie. Judging from some screenshots, it seems like that the files are actual rips from the real copy, and are truly better quality than previous torrents that were available, courtesy of enthusiastic torrenters who upload cam versions of "The Dark Knight Rises." The files themselves vary in size, ranging from less than one gigabyte to a little over 2.6 gigabytes, which was what a 1080p copy of "The Dark Knight Rises" was on KickAss Torrents.

If you recall, a similar phenomenon happened when "The Avengers" was released a few months ago. About a month prior to the DVD and Blu-Ray release date, torrents for "The Avengers" showed up on numerous torrent sites. iDigitalTimes wondered what would happen with the DVD sales for "The Avengers," since fans could get their hands on a copy earlier than the release date, and for free. But, thanks to Marvel's management, the DVD and Blu-Ray sales did quite well, since Marvel offered many bonus features, including a plethora of deleted scenes, a director's commentary by Joss Whedon, and more. SFX.co.uk writes that the bonus features for "The Dark Knight Rises" won't be even close to the bonus features of "The Avengers," just with a few featurettes and no commentary track from anyone. This could hurt sales for "The Dark Knight Rises" DVD and Blu-Ray discs, considering they aren't coming with other bonuses like "The Avengers" did.

"The Dark Knight Rises," is the final film of the epic Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan that has essentially changed the way we view superhero movies, and restarted an entire franchise. Following up the Academy Award winning "Dark Knight, "Rises" takes places 8 years later, with Bruce Wayne and Batman both in retirement. But, there is danger lurking for Gotham and Wayne/Batman, in the form of Bane, played by Tom Hardy from "Inception." Wayne needs to use all of his friends and resources to save himself and Gotham from this criminal, and even gains a few new friends, like Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) and Officer John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). But will this final challenge mean the end of Batman?

To find torrents of "The Dark Knight Rises," just type the film's title and then torrent after it in Google. But be warned: downloading torrents might be illegal, depending on where you live, and please do so at your own risk. Even if you do download the torrent, make sure you support the filmmakers and actors (fun fact: Christian Bale played Batman for 21 months) and buy the DVD or Blu-Ray when it gets released on December 4th.