If you were hoping to start your ‘Naruto Shippuuden’ New Year’s Eve marathon early, you may be out of luck as the anime streaming site, Crunchyroll is experiencing technical difficulties on their web page and mobile apps.

UPDATE: Crunchyroll is back online! Find out what happened here

Similar in scope to the Xbox Live and PSN attacks, Crunchyroll has been experiencing denial-of-service errors at around 2pm EST and at 5:30pm EST official word was given.

Here’s the official response from Crunchyroll via their Twitter page:



While no other update has been given since, the string of streaming sites being hacked or disrupted has plagued the Internet for most of 2014. The PSN and Xbox Live networks have seen their services constantly taken down by an influx of users or petty attacks.

The now infamous Sony attacks have shown how hackers can easily get into services and disrupt everyday life and even leak private information such as social security and health records.

Retail stores such as Target and Kmart have had their systems hacked and people’s credit card information were taken by these hackers. Crunchyroll does have a paid service for the premium membership to stream anime in HD and receive same day release of anime from Japan.

The timetable for Crunchyroll to get back up and running is unknown but we at iDigital Times will update as soon as we learn more.