"American Horror Story" season 3 finale streaming? Yes please, baby gee! Buzz the State of the Union address... that's more important, but it can't get spoiled on Twitter. Or nobody could possibly care. But "The Seven Wonders," the "Coven" finale, could very easily be spoiled. But don't worry - it won't be by me. Oh man, 10 o'clock couldn't possibly come soon enough. UPDATE: Well, now ten o'clock has come and gone, so I guess it's time to get ready for "American Horror Story" season 4!

If you're looking to watch the "American Horror Story" finale online, though, you're going to have a tough time. FX has clamped down on that sort of thing all season, and it stands to reason that they'll ratchet up their takedown efforts, so those of you troublemakers who have less than good capitalistic intentions are going to have serious trouble. That's right, I suspect that "Coven" finale streaming will not be the easiest thing in the world to find.


There's one easy way for "American Horror Story" finale streaming, although it may require you to stay off Twitter for the evening. That's to watch it on Amazon or iTunes for the hearty price of around two dollars. Do you have two dollars? Yea, I thought so. So get thee to an Internet and buy it. Other alternatives: watch it on the television you don't have (I don't have it either), or wait until it comes out on DVD in more than a year, or hits Netflix in more than a year.

As for "American Horror Story" season 3 finale spoilers, I don't have any for you, except the official description of "The Seven Wonders," which goes like this: "A new Supreme rises." Pretty much all you need to know. Who will it be? Well, you can probably guess, yea? If not, I'm not going to tell you. Seems like you'll find out soon enough.

And then we'll get ready for "American Horror Story" season 4, and a whole new set of Jessica Lange-ness, with her apparently playing a German of presumably nefarious type. And then... no more Jessica Lange after that, but who knows whether we'll keep more "American Horror Story." Or are we getting ahead of ourselves? Should we just be focused on the "Coven" finale?

Yes, let's stick with that. The "Coven" finale debuts on FX momentarily.