Courtney Stodden's midriff-baring tops and thigh-high minis are creating a problem in her relationship, says Dr. Jenn Berman, the therapist and host of VH1's "Couples Therapy."

The 18-year-old country singer and her husband, actor Doug Hutchison of "Green Mile," made headlines in May 2011 when they were married in Las Vegas. At the time she was 16. He was 51.

A year-and-a-half later they're navigating marriage on camera in the VH1 show that puts celebrity couples on the couch to tackle red flags, gripes and concerns. Most newlyweds stumble a bit as they figure out who will pick up the milk or do the laundry. But Courtney Stodden's issues are a bit more ... graphic.

The blonde bombshell - who made waves in 2010 as a contestant in the Teen USA pageant - has shown up on Dr. Berman's couch wearing plunging necklines, midriff-baring tops and thigh-high minis. And it's starting to cause animosity among other cast members including Nik Richie And Shayne Lamas, Alex McCord And Simon van Kempen, Joel 'JoJo' And Tashaunda Hailey and Todd 'Too Short' Shaw And Monica Payne, says Dr. Berman.

"Courtney doesn't realize what kind of reaction her provocative clothes bring out in people," Dr. Berman told iDigitalTimes. "So I created new ground rules for her. I told her: 'When you sit down on the [therapy] couch, your midriff can't be showing. I shouldn't see your underwear because your skirt is too short. And your breasts have to be covered."

Easier said than done. Stodden has based her public persona on provocative dressing, including a Twitter page that features a nude photo. And that behavior is not easily unlearned, says Dr. Berman. "I told her that her sexy clothes are becoming distracting in her relationship," Dr. Berman told IDT. "'Her identity is too tied to what she's wearing. And it makes her husband very uncomfortable. But she feels the attention she gets from men is validating."

For Berman, Stodden is emblematic of a growing problem among young women in Hollywood. "The bar keeps getting pushed lower and lower," she said. "Look at Lady Gaga. Look at how far she's had to go to get attention.'"

Watch Stodden tonight when the new episode airs at 10:00 p.m. EST on VH1. Missed the last few weeks? Catch up on last week's full episode here...