Courtney Stodden has thousands of Twitter followers, who not only follow her for her provocative twitpics, but also for her tweets (she tweets herself, and very often). The folks at Funny or Die decided to compile a list of the tweets and have Stodden herself come in and read them, poetry slam style.

The video, which you can watch below, has a cheesy feel to it, which makes it that much funnier. Its basically Stodden, standing in front of what seems to be a green screen, just walking around and reading some of her "rill" tweets, in a sultry voice. Interestingly enough, Stodden's tweets have an odd amount of sexual innuendo in them, which turns the seemingly-innocent tweets into something dirty, and could easily be misconstrued as dialogue from an adult film. It seems like Stodden and Funny or Die was going for that though.

Stodden stole headlines last year when she, at the age of 16, married actor Doug Hutchison, who was 51 at the time. The marriage was criticized by many, who called Hutchison a "pedophile" or worse. The couple has been fighting through some rough patches, and has decided join VH1's 'Couples Therapy,' which started their season earlier this month. Also recently, Stodden said that she calls her husband "dad," which wasn't really weird to Doug Hutchison, but was pretty weird to everyone else. 'Couples Therepy' might help Stodden become more popular and raise her profile, which would really help her acting and singing career. As we can see from the video, she's not the worst actor in the world. Maybe it could lead to her own reality TV show? Only time can tell.

The video, entitled 'Courtney Stodden Rill Tweets,' from Funny or Die and starring Courtney Stodden herself, is here (or watch it below).