Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop is now available on the Nintendo 3DS, and claims to be the last game in the long-running cooking game franchise for the handheld console. So it’s only fitting that the theme this time around is all about desserts. How does the final 3DS Cooking Mama fare? There’s plenty of great Cooking Mama here, though gameplay can get repetitive and tedious.

If you haven’t played a Cooking Mama game before, the concept is simple: Mama walks you through how to cook all sorts of dishes. Players cook each dish by completing a series of minigames, making use of the 3DS touch screen and microphone. Minigames are often short and simple, like cracking eggs into a bowl or mixing together a bunch of ingredients without spilling anything.

There are 60 different desserts to make in Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop, and they’re all pretty fun to whip up. A few of the minigames, like the can opener, require some getting used to, but most can be completed perfectly on your first try. This is even more true towards the end of the game, when you have experience doing all of the different minigames from previous dishes.

Once certain desserts have been made, you have the opportunity to open a dessert shop somewhere in the world just for that dessert. This unlocks additional minigames that can be played to unlock customization options. Unfortunately, the minigames for the dessert shops tend to repeat the same games you played to make the dishes. Having to do a repeat of a minigame is never fun, and hiding unlockables behind it makes it worse.

Speaking of unlockables, I enjoyed the ability to customize the look of my kitchen, cooking appliances and even Mama herself. However, the way you unlock customization options is downright terrible. Once you complete a dish, it gets put into your showroom. To earn tickets to buy customization options, you need to sell dishes in your showroom. This means you have to sit on a screen while you wait for virtual shoppers to come buy your desserts, then click on the shopper to redeem the tickets from the sale.

To earn the tickets needed to unlock items, you’ll have to sit and poke at the same screen for quite a long time. Because you need to interact with the screen to earn tickets, you can’t just let it run overnight and have a huge number when you wake up. This ticket-earning system is a massive roadblock in the way of unlocking new decorative items, and really makes you not want to bother earning enough for a new wallpaper or apron for Mama to wear.

A nice surprise was seeing 3D come back to the 3DS. Many games, most notably Pokémon Sun and Moon, have opted to skip 3D graphics completely. It was a nice reminder that the second slider on my 3DS actually does something.

Ultimately, Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop is a fun Cooking Mama game. The bright colors, inviting sounds and fun gameplay make preparing every dish enjoyable, especially when you get to add ridiculous decorations. The added game modes don’t really add anything extra, and the unlockables are an outright chore to earn, but the core gameplay is still as entertaining and charming as ever. If you’re looking for a great Cooking Mama game, you’ll find something to enjoy in Sweet Shop.

Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop is available today on store shelves, and will be available digitally on May 18.

So what do you think? Are you excited to play Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop? What do you think is next for the Cooking Mama franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.