The Coke Super Bowl ad controversy has puzzled those who saw only an inspiring, sappy commercial that celebrated the many different cultures within America. However, that touching sentiment was apparently lost on those from the "speak English!" crowd, who were offended that Coke co-opted the "America is Beautiful" song for its message of diversity. The song was sung by a succession of single voices in a variety of different languages.

The Coke Super Bowl ad "It's Beautiful" begins with the more traditional image of an American that of a cowboy riding in the wilderness and the song is sung in English. But the ad quickly switches gears and we see people of all color and ages, and the song is sung in more than half a dozen languages, including Spanish, Arabic and Tagalog. This multilingual ad has angered some racist Americans who took to Twitter to voice their outrage.

It seems that singing a song about American in any language other than English is highly offensive to certain ugly Americans who have taken to Twitter to boycott Coke. Some expressed their displeasure following the Coke Super Bowl ad with the #NoMoreCoke hashtag. Some example tweets include: "It's AMERICA the beautiful not the world. It was a good thought just not acceptable", "Well no more coke for me. Good thing I like Pepsi! #englishonly #nomorecoke #USA #murica" and "If people want to come to American then they can learn ENGLISH. Do not sing our country's song in a different language."

Another cause for concern for xenophobes is that the Coke Super Bowl ad features a Muslim woman in a hijab, causing some to label Coca-Cola as a terrorist product. The ad features many ethnicities and lifestyles, including what is reportedly the first gay family in a Super Bowl ad. What do you think of the Coke Super Bowl ad controversy? Let us know in the comments.

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