"Clueless" Actress Stacey Dash announced her support for Mitt Romney on Twitter along with a photograph of her in a red swimsuit posing in front of the American flag and a silver 'R'.

"Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @mittromney@teamromney #mittromney #VOTE #voteromney ," Dash tweeted.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who has been making headlines over the past few months in the wake of the presidential campaign, has been trending ever since he made the comment about Big Bird on Sesame Street, a children's educational show on PBS. If Obama has Beyonce, then Romney has found a new supporter in Dash.

Although many followers are supporting her choice and respect that Dash is entitled to her opinion, many are confused and downright hostile of the "Clueless" star's decision.

Dash received a lot of comments due to her sudden endorsement for the Republican candidate, some more negative than supportive. Some criticized her short acting career and not being "black enough," while some posed the question of why anyone who is African-American should be assumed to be pro-Obama: "I don't see the big deal with Stacey Dash voting for Romney. What, y'all niggas expect all black people to vote for Obama? Man grow up. Smh," tweeted Michael Scofield.

On the other hand, this post was also seen in regards to Dash's pro-Romney tweet, "Kudos to the @REALStaceyDash for fearlessly speaking her mind on the election. Punk rock. Haters can take a walk, " tweeted the 'Black Republican.'

However, MID@Middy215 took Dash's recent political stance as an outlet for her anger on being eliminated from the reality show on vh-1, "Single Ladies," who tweeted, "Don't get mad at Obama cause u got kicked off Single Ladies RT@REALStaceyDash: Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future @mittromney."

Veronica Lodge a.k.a. victorian lover decided to be slightly more diplomatic by referring to Dash as the "hottest woman in the world," she tweets, "why is the hottest woman in the world aka stacey dash falling for mitt romney's bullshit GIRL NO."

Some had even gone to the extreme of asking Dash to kill herself as seen on Twitchy.com:

"Kill yaself you old hag "@REALStaceyDash Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future," writes Ohagi@Briggs_Marley .

In a similar manner, lamiya@trulymiya tweets, "Wow stacey dash . Kill yourself."

As a result of the incoming flow of comments, two hours after her pro-Romney tweet, Dash tweeted, "My humble opinion... EVERYONE is entitled to one."

Perhaps in order to reinstate her political stand Dash retweeted the following seen on Mitt Romney's official twitter account: "Women have had enough of @BarackObama's disappointment. We need new leadership to get our economy growing again http://mi.tt/R5FM1."

"Dash also posted from Miss Golightly ‏@ChicGrl427: "ALL ROMNEY Supporters, please follow&support@REALStaceyDash, it appears she'll be voting for @MittRomney&she's getting some heat over it!."

In 2006, Dash had posed for Playboy magazine but is most well-known for playing a supporting character, Dionne, to Alicia Silverstone in the 1990s high-school flick, "Clueless." She was also on the vh-1 show, "Single Ladies."

The Oct.12-19 edition of Entertainment Weekly has both Silverstone and Dash on the cover as part of their "Reunion Issue."