A surveillance camera has caught two low-life thieves targeting the Westway Baptist Church of Houston, Texas, earlier this week and attempt to steal the copper from the building's main electric cable.

According to the footage on camera, a truck pulled up close to the church and a man emerges with tools used to cut wires near the street in an attempt to disconnect the main power line. Next, another man approached the church's breaker box. Apparently cutting its wires as well, the burglar suffered an incredible explosion. The bolt cutters exploded upon contact with the copper wire.

Speaking with ABC News, head deacon Michael Kirtley said, "Our security alarms went off at 2 a.m. on Wednesday and that's when our church member Homer Pate notified the Harris County Sheriff's department of the robbery."

Upon inspecting the video footage of the incident, a shocked Kirtley said, "The man just blew up into a fire ball. I surely don't know if he was electrocuted or even alive."

As it is highly likely that the thief sustained significant injuries following the point blank explosion, the church is responding with calls to all local medical centers, urging the facilities to help assist the authorities in apprehending the criminal.

As for the church, Wednesday night activity had all been cancelled due to the loss of power. Kirtley says, "We can start the generator for eight hours only to minimize expenses. Our [insurance] deductible is $5,000. This robbery is going cost the church a lot."

Alarmingly, the latest robbery is in fact the second incident for the Westway Baptist Church in the last year. The place of worship had two air conditioners stolen. Unfortunately, the first thieves were not stopped by divine intervention.

Take a look at the video below to see the church breaker box explode upon contact when the robber attempted to steal copper from the main cable.