Is Rihanna pregnant by Chris Brown? Rumors have been flying that the controversial couple are back together, secretly dating and preparing to go public, all because Breezy got RiRi pregnant.

In an interview with Ellen Degeneres, the comedian asked Rihanna if she wants to have kids, possibly response to the latest gossip that RiRi is already pregnant with Chris Brown's baby.

"Yes eventually," Rihanna responded before blurting out, "I mean absolutely."

A slightly bizarre response. Maybe Rihanna would rather have kids in a few years time, but has already accepted that she's pregnant right now.

As a followup, Ellen asked if RiRi plans on getting married first.

"I would prefer to have a full family," Rihanna said. Pretty sure I could handle if I had to, but that's not what I'm striving for."

Hear that Breezy? Rihanna's ready to raise your kid with or without your support!

Watch the interview clip here:

We also learned a bit about Rihanna's sex life. The last time RiRi was interviewed by Ellen she complained that her personal life was non-existent, and that it was particularly bad for 'her,' pointing down to her crotch.

Today, however, Rihanna proclaimed, "She's having a little more fun now. Hooray for her!"

Ellen responded, yelling "Good for you" into RiRi's crotch.

Rihanna's had a busy few weeks, as she raced to finish her upcoming album, "Unapologetic," before heading to NY to perform on SNL. However, she was still able to squeeze in a late-night dinner date with Chris Brown, who is still on probation for physically assaulting RiRi in 2009 back when they were publicly dating.

"They had a little dinner downtown and he told her he loved her," an anonymous source told "They chilled for about an hour and a half and talked, and then she left to catch a flight to the east. He told her to 'stay warm' and 'travel safe' with everything that's going on the east coast."

Rumors have been flying that RiRi and Breezy have been seeing each other in secret all year, even while Brown was still dating Karrueche Tran, a half-Vietnamese model.

Once Chris Brow dumped Kae in a public online video, rumors began to fly about Breezy and RiRi, and the gossip only spiked when they were caught red handed cozying up and even kissing in public. The "Prince and Princess of Hip Hop" even attended Jay-Z's concert together in Brooklyn where Jigga gave his blessing to RiRi and delivered a stern warning to Breezy.

Why did Breezy break up with Karrueche after two years of dating? Maybe because he got Rihanna pregnant. Word on the street is that Breezy may have impregnated both RiRi and Kae.

On Twitter, Rihanna's fans continue to respond to the rumor:

"Rihanna can't be pregnant," tweeted @thatGrl_. "This is a joke. I'm in tears! More importantly.....set that daddy out! Who is it?!"

"Rihanna pregnant ?!" tweeted Tyra Marie, "#sayitaintso."

"Rihanna being pregnant breaks my heart," tweeted @MandhaNard.

"Is it true, Rihanna being pregnant for Breezy?" tweeted kachi josh erys. "Would be my greatest joy to see it happen."

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Both of them

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