It looks like the first trailer for Scary Movie 5 won't be the only reason that Charlie Sheen is back in headlines again before the end of 2012, thanks to an end of the week court appearance to testify in a civil suit between his former mother-in-law Moira Fiore and real estate agent Marty Trugman.

According to reports, Charlie Sheen's former mother-in-law is suing his real estate agent after the former was promised a hefty chunk of a sales commission by the latter, though Trugman swears he never promised Fiore a dime. Sound like a particularly boring episode of Judge Judy to you guys, too?

Charlie Sheen currently stars in the FX sitcom "Anger Management," which is all but guaranteed to become another syndicated cash cow for the star after receiving a 90 episode order earlier this year. Sheen was the former star of CBS' "Two and a Half Men", alongside Jon Cryer and the recently controversial Angus T. Jones, before infamously imploding on himself, the show, and a great many people around him in a multi-month meltdown during 2011.

Few, who were aware of Charlie Sheen's rather infamous (and repeated) fights with ex-wife Brooke Mueller, were shocked to learn that it was Trugman who subpoenaed the former Two and a Half Men star and not Moira Fiore. It seems unlikely that Sheen would side with Fiore, considering he told TMZ that Fiore was "skimming the deal,"; however, there's just no telling when you get someone like Charlie Sheen in the courtroom.

Charlie Sheen wasn't the only notable name on the witness list though. Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife and daughter of Moira Fiore, was also included as a key witness, though there has been rampant speculation that her drug habits could stand in the way of any testimony she may offer. We're unsure why the same outlets didn't seem to think the same would go for Charlie, the man who abused a number of substances until they left him looking like this. Or this.

Curious to know what the online masses think of Charlie Sheen's latest antics?

For some non court-related Charlie Sheen news, check out the "Anger Management" star in the first official trailer for Scary Movie 5: