There are no shortage of 3D printers at CES 2014 this year but the ChefJet stands out simply for one reason -- food. Maker of the food printing machine 3DSystems has a few noteworthy 3D products at this year's CES, but the food printing device is the most delectable. We've seen food created in interesting ways before, we haven't seen many eatable treats around the 3D printing scene. The ChefJet model shown off at CES 2014 is, according to 3DSystems, meant for "the professional baker, cake master, and high-end event and restaurateur." Though if you're not a pro baker but looking to print out a bunch of chocolate to munch on, we say go for it.

3DSystems' ChefJet will retail for less than $5,000 when it ships, reports the company. While the food printer is much larger than the traditional paper printers we're used to, the ChefJet is more compact when compared to something like an oven. The printer is able to create treats using complex designs and patterns based on the reference file it's given. While the countertop edition of the ChefJet is monochrome the Pro edition can print in full color. We imagine those who entertain often will want the Pro version, though with it being just under $10,000 some may want to save themselves the cash.

ces 2014 3dsystems print We had some of the 3d printed chocolates. Not life changing but they weren't half bad (Photo: iDigital Times)

3DSystems isn't just filling our bellies but also fulfilling our dreams as well. We've seen even before CES 2014 the company turn customers into "Star Trek" dolls for relatively cheap. The 3D printing company has more options available as well, ranging from fictional characters to basketball players. Now that the company's hired Will.I.Am maybe we'll see becoming members of the Black Eyed Peas as an option.

ces 2014 3dsystems 3d printing CES 2014 3DSystems printed action figures (Photo: iDigital Times)

The implications of 3D printing in the kitchen leave us with many questions. How soon will 3D printers make their way to consumers' homes? Could they someday replace ovens and microwaves? The chocolate we had wasn't Godiva per se, but it was good enough. As the technology grows, we're sure 3DSystems and other printer companies will iterate over and over to make the product better. Some purists may rely solely on the stove top and oven for their food-creating needs, but there will always be people who are set in their ways. But who knows? Maybe if they can drive the price down we can create more food, faster, for cheaper, to give to more people, blah blah blah.

Will you be making your next culinary masterpiece using a 3D printer? Let us know in the comments!

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