Captain Murphy's "Duality" Mixtape is finally here, and if the legend holds up, it could be the brainchild of Tyler the Creator, OFWGKTA's prodigal, prodigious son, and Flying Lotus, a comparatively lesser-known genre-hopping experimental music producer from Los Angeles. Though the jury's still out on whether or not the incredibly NSFW mixtape and its video, which features a truly unsettling hodgepodge of Tumbrlwave graphics set to an introduction about joining cults, is actually the dream collaboration of the two artists, one thing's for sure: the mixtape is pretty "gosh darn" awesome.

You can check out Captain Murphy's "Duality" here. Spoiler alert: it's totally awesome but if you watch it at work, you will be fired.

It's been a couple of months since The Killing Joke dropped on Youtube, and while that track is just as trippy, and just as NSFW as any of the segments on Duality, it's also significantly less good than Duality, whose unsavory praises we could sing for endless paragraphs.

And while little is known (though much is speculated) about just who is behind the music of Captain Murphy's "Duality," and whether or not it really is the work of Tyler the Creator and Flying Lotus (Not only does it sound like them, Tyler loves Adult Swim and Captain Murphy is a character on cult classic Sealab 2012) more is known about the video's creator/director, Xavier Magot, also known as Revenge.

You can check out Xavier Magot/Revenge's Vimeo here, his considerable IMDB resume here, and check out his Twitter-- wherein he boasts that he's a part time journalist and film maker-- here.

Maybe we're closer than ever to solving the mystery of Captain Murphy.