You all know the classic scene from old comedy routines, where somebody is carrying a large cake to some important event and ends up tripping, sliding or running into something, ultimately destroying the cake and becoming quite messy in the process, while rendering some hearty guffaws from the audience.

Chances are, if you saw something like this in real life, you'd probably stifle a grin and then go help the poor guy out. What about though, if the object in question was actually something super expensive as well as much coveted? You know, something like... a brand new Apple iMac.

This video I uncovered, created by AwesomenessTV, offers just such a scenario. The pranksters Alex Goyette and Michael Rowland go about staging 27 scenes where they repeatedly trip, fall and ultimately drop brand new iMacs, after leaving an Apple store, as horrified onlookers try to decide what to do and say.

Though a somewhat cruel experiment in sociological reaction, the video clearly illustrates our ever-increasing fondness and value for all things shiny, electronic and bearing the name Apple.

Most of the reactions are about the same: shock, disbelief, helplessness, pity, and a wish that there was something that could be done to undo the mess.

In one scene, a family witnesses the guy as he falls and the just stands there, transfixed for several seconds. Then the mother, like all good mothers, moves forward to try to pick of the pieces of a hopelessly dashed iMac, crushed to pieces on the hard cement floor.

What's really intriguing is the fact people realize what has been lost is not just a new computer, but an iMac. Throughout the video you hear folks hollering out., "Dude, that was an iMac!" With this kind of brand awareness, it's no wonder Apple is one of the most valuable companies of all time.

Check it out for yourself - and do your best not to cringe.

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