"Breaking Bad" season 5 (part two) debuted last night and it hasn't taken the Internet long to start flinging spoilers around everywhere. Some of the "Breaking Bad" season 5 spoilers are based off of clues fans keep finding in episodes, others are based on anonymous sources who claim to have insider info, but only one thing is absolutely true: we don't know they're spoilers until we see them on the show. That doesn't mean the "Breaking Bad" season 5 spoilers aren't a great read for fans, and I've tried to compile a list of some of the more popular/credible sounding spoilers here.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Spoilers: Reddit Leak

The most controversial (and potentially accurate spoilers) comes from the world of Reddit. A Redditor claiming to have seen the final season posted episode summaries for the first two, "Blood Money" and "Buried." Here's what Redditor breakingbaaad said were the Breaking Bad season 5 spoilers for the first two episodes:

So I happen to know someone who was involved with the show and I've seen all 8 episodes. Some of them in a rough edit (the last four) without effects and such. If you want information, ask me whatever you want. I won't be too specific because I don't want to ruin everything. If any of you have seen the post regarding episode 509, be assured that everything that person said is true. I will post some rough and not too specific summaries of the first two episodes from what I remember.

Blood Money: We see the comic con scene. Walt goes to the destroyed White house in a flash forward and retrieves the ricin. His neighbour sees him and is shocked. Back to present time, Hank steals the book and makes an excuse to leave dinner. Jesse tries to give his money away to the bike kids parents and Kaylee. Saul tells Walt about Jesse's plan and Walt confronts Jesse. Jesse thinks Walt killed Mike but Walt denies it. Jesse goes on to give the money to random people. Lydia stops at the car wash to speak about the cease in production. Walt notices the book is missing and searches his car for a bug. He finds it. Meanwhile Hank has called in sick and is looking through all the Heisenberg case files. Walt shows up at Hanks looking to confront him about the bug. Hank erupts and attacks Walt but Walt tells Hank that his case against Walt is not sound. He does not admit to being Heisenberg but Hank clearly knows it's him based on how Walt speaks. The episode ends with Walt and Hank staring at each other.

Buried: The episode opens with Walt speaking with Saul. Saul gives him the number for the "disappearing guy" once again and Walt dismisses the idea but takes the card. He wants to handle this on his own. Walt meets up with Jesse. His guilt is overwhelming him and he has started using again. He tells Jesse that Hank may know about his true identity. Jesse is unresponsive. Marie struggles with Hank's recent attitude. She speaks to Skyler about it but Skyler is silent. Skyler is in trouble after the IRS begins looking into her finances. She suspects Beneke said something to them. She tells Walt. Walt drags Skyler to the storage unit but doesn't tell her about Hank. They take all of the money, along with other incriminating evidence, out to the desert where he and Jesse did his first cook. They bury the money underground to keep it hidden and for safekeeping. Skyler is under the impression that he did this due to the IRS investigation but has a feeling there may be more to it. Hank struggles with whether or not to reveal Heisenberg's identity to anyone at work. The episode ends with Jesse walking into the DEA building, apparently ready to surrender himself.

So that's it for the first two. I left some exciting and boring stuff out just so I don't ruin everything but that's the basic plot. Ask me if you want to know anything. You can also email me at nomorehalfmeasureswalter@gmail.com

Edit: I also just wanted to say that I've left out a lot of the great story telling aspects that further the plot,so don't be upset if it doesn't sound glamorous. The way it is done onscreen is much better than my retelling. This is the best season by far in my opinion.

Additional Breaking Bad Season 5 spoilers were posted to the Redditor's imgur account.

The validity of these "Breaking Bad" season 5 spoilers will be put to the test next week. As breakingbaaad's detractors point out in the comments, the first episode summary was available elsewhere online at the time of the spoiler post. So fans who read the first episode summary just now and thought "HE'S TOTALLY RIGHT!" just give it another week and we'll know for sure.

And, naturally, his Breaking Bad Season 5 spoilers were roundly rejected by people associated with the show, including director Rian Johnson who tweeted:

Breaking Bad Season 5 Spoilers: Walt Kills Skyler

This Breaking Bad season 5 spoiler is the product of some diehard fan observation and, well, they're pretty compelling. Like the above Breaking Bad season 5 spoilers, these also have their roots on Reddit. Unlike the brash "Dude I saw the whole thing" tone of the above post, this Breaking Bad season 5 spoiler is more cerebral. According to the Daily Beast, the theory explaining why Walt kills Skyler jumped from Reddit to a Straight Dope message board.

In Breaking Bad, Walt has a habit of taking on some little traits of the people he has killed. When Walt killed Crazy 8, he started cutting off the crusts of his sandwiches-just as Crazy 8 had done. Gus drives a Volvo. After Walt kills Gus, at the beginning of Season 5 (at the Denny's), Walt is driving a Volvo (w/ NH plates). When Mike and Walt meet at a bar in an earlier season, Walt orders his drink neat while Mike has his on the rocks. After Mike is killed, and Hank offers Walt a drink in his office - he asks for it on the rocks. At that same scene at Denny's, Walt arranges his bacon into his new age. Someone else used to do that. On top of that, he's using Skyler's maiden name on his fake ID. Based on his history of picking up traits from his victims-I believe Walt is going to murder Skyler before the series is over, and it probably had already happened before he showed up at the Denny's in the Season 5 cold open


Right or wrong, that is an impressive observation. Perhaps the impressiveness of the observation is clouding the ol' BS meter on this "Breaking Bad" season 5 spoiler, but it certainly seems plausible enough. I think most fans feel like Skyler could die this season based on their own instincts/observations/birthday wishes, so predicting Sklyer's death carries the same sort of clairvoyant weight as calling the weather.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Spoilers: What Happens Next Week

Technically speaking, we got 30 seconds of Breaking Bad season 5 spoilers when AMC aired this last night:

Breaking Bad Season 5 episode 10 'Buried' Trailer

So what will happen next week on "Breaking Bad"? The voice-overs in the promo give us a hint that the whole "Hank knows Walt is Heisenberg" thing will likely be shared with others. Hank is describing taking him down, but to whom? Is it his wife Marie? Perhaps he presents his case to the higher ups and they shut it down, and he confides in Marie who her brother-in-law really is. It could also just be Hank talking to his partner, working out the plan for bringing Walt down.

Then there's Walt's threat. "You better not be saying what I think you're saying." This could be an out-of-context clip designed to heighten our tensions (because they're not already San Andreas fault-level tense) or it could be Walt discussing some very serious business. Is he talking about cooking again? So far, throughout the series, whenever Walt finds out he has cancer he cooks up meth.

It could be the close of his confrontation with Hank. Hank could threaten to turn him in on the spot and Walt could expand on his already not-too-vague threat that he won't let Hank stop him. He already tried the "I'm dead in six months" plea (which we know from flash forwards isn't the case) so his options with Hank are run/kill/blackmail. We know the run comes eventually, but is after some killing or some blackmailing?

It's not much of a "Breaking Bad" season 5 spoiler to say it'll likely be both.

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