The "Breaking Bad" Season 5 DVD release date has finally been announced: June 5, 2013. The first half of the fifth season of the hit AMC show will be available barely weeks before "Breaking Bad" Season 5 part two premieres later this summer (exactly how much later is unclear). There will be absolutely no spoilers in this post for any season.

The "Breaking Bad Season" 5 DVD release date will bring one of the first legal ways for non-AMC subscribers to catch up on what Walter White's been up to since [SPOILERS REDACTED] and the shocking [SPOILERS REDACTED], which resulted in the dramatic [SPOILERS REDACTED] and [SPOILERS REDACTED], ending in the heart-throbbing heart-racing conclusion, where [SPOILERS REDACTED]. AMC no longer offers the latest seasons of its hit shows on any online outlets - not Hulu, or Netflix. Only recently did they add "Breaking Bad" season 5 to iTunes and Amazon, at the nontrivial a la carte price of $2.99 an episode (for the de rigueur HD).

On the "Breaking Bad" season 5 DVD release date, both the DVD and Blu Ray editions of the new set will hit stores, marketed as "Breaking Bad" Season 5, without any Part I moniker. Still, it will only include the eight episodes aired last summer. The release date for the remaining episodes, and the conclusion of the series, has yet to be announced, except for a thrillingly unhelpful "Summer 2013." But production is already well underway.

The "Breaking Bad" season 5 DVD release date will bring a number of special features that are obviously not available on AMC on demand, iTunes, or AMC itself. The most notable is an 8-minute bonus scene called "Chicks 'N' Guns." Contary to the practice with most extended editions, the scene was not originally cut from the show. The scene, which stars [SPOILERS REDACTED] and [SPOILERS REDACTED], was created, written, and produced exclusively for the home video release. Vince Gilligan, the creator of the show (and the executive producer of the last few seasons of "The X-Files," further showing his awesomeness), describes it as a "pivotal missing moment." Eight minutes is quite a long moment, but point taken.

Other special features available on the "Breaking Bad" season 5 DVD release date include cast and crew commentaries on each episode, deleted scenes, bloopers (ugh), and various featurettes. The Blu-Ray additionally includes a featurette interview series with some of the show's directors (many of whom are high profile or otherwise awesome), and a peek into the writers' room.

The "Breaking Bad" season 5 DVD release date, once again, is June 5, 2013. The back half of the season will premiere within a few weeks of that date. So, if you don't want to get spoiled, make sure you check it out. And if you do want to get spoiled, read this.