"Breaking Bad" Season 5 DVD/Blu-Ray release date: like, literally right now, honey. The home media for the first half of season 5 of the chemical romance finally, finally came out, a hundred years after the "Breaking Bad" season 5 premiere, and about two months before the "Breaking Bad" season 5 premiere redux on August 11, 2013.

The "Breaking Bad" season 5 DVD & Blu-Ray release date, June 5, i.e. now, has been a long time coming. Because it's actually only the first half of season 5; the second half of the season, and the final eight episodes of the entire series, premieres on August 11, 2013. Why it's not called season 6 is anybody's guess, but so it goes.

Thankfully, we have two months between today, the "Breaking Bad" season 5 DVD & Blu-Ray release date, and the "Breaking Bad" season 5 part 2 premiere. That's loads of times for watching these eight episodes, the first in which Walter White is truly on top. He is the king, and for a drug kingpin, that is certainly the place to be.

If you felt so inclined, the gap between the "Breaking Bad" season 5 DVD release date and the return of the series is more than enough time to watch the entire show; the first four seasons are on Netflix and other streaming services, and "Breaking Bad" season 5 is, of course, now on DVD. A perfect time to get caught up before the show returns.

Do people still care about DVD extras? If so, the "Breaking Bad" season 5 DVD & Blu-Ray release date brings us a few: commentary tracks on all episodes, some new featurettes (some of them exclusive to the Blu-Ray), and an 8-minute long bonus scene created just for the home release. It also has a bunch of fuff you don't care about, like bloopers (ugh), and a session at the "Breaking Bad" writers' room. Oh, it also includes all eight episodes from the first half of season 5. So there's that.

The "Breaking Bad" season 5 DVD & Blu-Ray release date does have a certain unpleasantness associated with it, and not just because this phenomenal series is close to its final end (Saul Goodman spinoffs notwithstanding). That's because of sticker shock: the eight episode DVD has an MSRP of $55.99 and the Blu-Ray $65.99, respectively two and a half and three times what it costs to buy each episode a la carte in HD. That's a pricey blooper reel. Thankfully, Amazon at least is selling them at a more normal price. But AMC should be ashamed of themselves for trying to pass off eight episodes for that kind of change.

What do you think? Are you going to take advantage of the "Breaking Bad" season 5 DVD & Blu-Ray release date, or just hold out until the "Breaking Bad" season 5 premiere (the second one) in August?