"Breaking Bad" DVD release date news time! First up: no spoilers in this post, in case you still haven't caught up. So the show is over now and the dust has settled. If you're like most people, you've had some time to process and digest what happened, come up with an opinion, mull over the show, and all that. So it sounds to me like you're about ready to watch it again. Don't worry: the "Breaking Bad" full series DVD release date is not far off, and it's a doozy.

A doozy of a "Breaking Bad" Blu-Ray package, that is. First off, the appropriately titled "Breaking Bad: The Complete Series" releases on November 26, 2013, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, just in time for those retail toughies to unbuckle it onto shelves in time for Black Friday, when you will buy it, you will buy it in exchange for money.

The "Breaking Bad: The Complete Series" DVD / Blu-Ray release date will bring us the series in an unusual form: a barrel. That's right, a barrel. A meth barrel, filled not with ten million dollars but with a bunch of DVDs and Blu-Rays. Actually, only Blu-Rays - suck on that, HD-DVD drive owners - and a hearty sixteen of them. It contains all 62 episodes across five seasons (where five plus one is five), or six seasons by more conventional counting.

The "Breaking Bad: The Final Season" Blu-Ray and DVD release date, sans fancy barrel or the first five seasons, are also coming out on November 26, so if you've been collecting the series all along or don't have room for a plastic meth barrel in your house, that option is open to you as well.

The barrel-bound "Breaking Bad: The Complete Series" also includes an even more hearty 55 hours of special features. The most important of this is two hours of new, never aired footage, including, wait for it, AN ALTERNATE ENDING. That's right: the Blu-Ray includes a 3 minute long alternate ending of how the show "could have ended." Not how it did end or how it really ended, but how it could have ended.

Speculating on the "Breaking Bad: The Complete Series" Blu-Ray release date's alternate ending is futile, although I'll do it anyway another day - there's a lot to mull over. But regardless, it's in there, So are a whole ton of other features: a two hour documentary, "No Half Measures," about the making of the final season. A bunch of cast interviews. And obviously a whole lot of cruft.

The barrel "Breaking Bad" Blu-Ray special edition also includes various physical knck-knacks, a little booklet, a pin, and most notably a Pollos Hermanos apron. If you're a collector, this is obviously the thing to get, despite the extreme retail price of $300 ($200 on Amazon, somehow). The others are more reasonably priced, although they of course don't contain the complete series.

What do you think? Do you want to see the series again? Will you pick up the barrel or just the last season DVD? Or will you just be content with Netflix?