"Breaking Bad"'actor Bryan Cranston, who plays Walter White on the AMC show reported a disturbing murder fantasy he had about his former girlfriend.

The "Breaking Bad" star pointed out that she was an unstable drug addict who he dated after his first marriage ended. Cranston reported that she would leave death threats on his answering machine and turned up at his Upper West Side apartment one day and pounded on his door. He says that is the point where he really wanted to kill her.

"And I envisioned myself killing her. It was so clear. My apartment had a brick wall on one side, and I envisioned opening the door, grabbing her by the hair, dragging her inside, and shoving her head into that brick wall until brain matter was dripping down the sides of it. Then I shuddered and realized how clearly I saw that happening. And I called the police because I was so afraid. I was temporarily insane - capable of doing tremendous damage to her and to myself."

"Breaking Bad" Season 5 part 2 premiere date is August 11 on AMC. The second part will pick up where the first left of, with a ruthless Walter White who has just defeated his greatest threat in the form of Gustav Fring. His changed and more ruthless behavior has driven away Jesse and Skyler. Bryan Cranston apparently had moment in real life where he contemplated murdering a girlfriend.

This may seem in character for Cranston, the Walter White actor who has engaged in murder, meth production, bombings and robbery and been involved in killing children. In "Breaking Bad" there are almost no more taboos or behavior that crosses a like for Walter White. Older readers may remember that Bryan Cranston once played the father, Hal in "Malcom in the Middle" and was better known for being a good natured, albeit bumbling comedic relief.

That Bryan Cranston was able to switch from those kinds of roles to the murderous Walter White is a testament to his fantastic ability as an actor. The series left off with a cliff-hanger, where Hank, Walt's brother-in-law had just discovered that Walter is Heisenberg, the drug lord notorious for the blue colored meth. Fans are eager to see what happens next.

What do you think of the Bryan Cranston murder fantasy for his drug addict girlfriend? Are you looking forward to the "Breaking Bad" season 5 part 2 premiere date?

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