Photo of the Boston Marathon Bomb. The attack could possibly be terrorist related (Photo: Twitter/@Boston_to_a_T)

Today's Boston Marathon saw two bombs go off at the finish line. The bombs were said to have been planted inside garbage cans. It's possible the attack was terrorist related. According to the Press Herald, the first to finish the race avoided the bomb, but those in lower places may have been affected. The 26.2 mile Boston Marathon ended in tears with the two bombs going off at around Monday afternoon. The Boston Marathon bombs occured during the state's Patriots Day. The Boston Globe reports that at least a dozen people have sustained injuries.

Find out more information about the Boston Marathon explosion here.

UPDATE: It's been revealed that 2 have died due to the explosion with 22 injured, via the Bureau Chief of Public Information Cheryl Fiandaca

@CherylFiandaca: 22 injured. 2 dead #tweetfromthebeat

UPDATE 2: Now 23 injured @Boston_Police: Update 23 injuries 2 dead #tweetfromthebeat via @CherylFiandaca

UPDATE 3: It appears the Newtown families were sitting VIP near the finish line, in an effort to honor the Newtown, Connecticut shooting victims. The Sandy Hook elementary incident took place in mid-December.


Boston Marathon Bomb (Photo: Twitter/@theoriginalawk)