Gearbox president Randy Pitchford must have read my article yesterday when I implored him to release the Borderlands 2 DLC 'Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty' early because the release date is set for Oct. 16th. So, first of all, you're all welcome! Second, he released no official details but rabid fans have uncovered mounds and mounds of info in the Steam version of the game and have been sharing it all over the place.

So, what do we know thus far (kind of)?

In the code from the Steam version, eagle-eyed fans have discovered a new currency for the game. It's called the Seraph Crystal and it is obtained, primarily, from defeating Seraph Guardians. (Not to be confused with the Guardian Seraph from Magic: The Gathering.) But based on the words 'Seraph' which means 'angel-thingy,' and 'Guardian' which means 'loot my corpse,' my professional guess is that these will be flying angel-thingys that carry sick loot. Since the Seraph Crystals are exchanged at a vendor, I assume it will be either a weapons crafting situation or a vendor that upgrades your existing equipment similar to Crazy Earl's Eridium market in Sanctuary. The DLC also introduces a new rarity levels. Pink items will be even more valuable than purple items.

New gun. New Rarity. New drool stains on t-shirt. photo: borderlands 2/

Granted, the gun pictured is weak and cheap but bear in mind that it comes from a game file and is probably an example of the lowest level pink rarity. As a Borderlands 2 addict I think I can speak for all of us out there and say that any new rarity level is friggin' awesome and gives us an excuse to play even more. A model of a new vehicle type was also uncovered. A hovercraft.

Hovercraft? YES! Photo: borderlands 2/

Hell to the yeah! Hovercrafts? Awesome. Especially considering what Pitchford told the Associated Press."You can sense the pirate theme across the landscape, even though there's no water," said Pitchford. "It's all dried up. It feels more like Tatooine than an ocean.

The Steam leak also provided a ton of text files to pour over. Posted to Pastebin, the hack reveals many of the story elements for 'Captain Scarlett And Her Pirate Booty.' There are lots of juicy tidbits such as "the legends say that whoever gets all four pieces of a mystical compass will find the lost treasure" and "Did you hear that, my friend? The call of the Leviathan. He guards Captain Blade's treasure -- perhaps you shall do battle with him one day." Basically, the DLC seems like it's going to send the Vault hunters all over Oasis to find pieces of a magical compass that leads to an incredible treasure guarded by an insurmountable enemy. Aces.

Oh, and there's some awesome new skins too.

From left to right: Cool, Awesome, Badass, Sweet Photo: borderlands 2/

Gearbox just upped the ante on cool DLC with all this stuff. Like the 'Zombie Island of Dr. Ned' this DLc has a consistent theme throughout and it looks like it is being exploited for maximum effect. Pirate heads, pirate vehicles, pirate speak and pirate treasure should add up for a hyper-fun first installment in the highly anticipated four-piece DLC program the Season Pass will get you