Thanks to Bonnaroo 365, fans are one step closer to hearing the highly anticipated 2013 lineup. On Thursday the Bonnaroo 365 Youtube page released a brand spankin' new video with a very "special message." So, who's the message from?

Weird Al!

Up close with the camera in night vision, Weird Al reveals his special message:

"Hey there. I just wanted you to know that I'll be announcing this year's Bonnaroo lineup -- live -- on Youtube."

But Weird Al isn't talking to all the Bonnaroo fans out there, he's talking to one in particular -- a frightened, shirtless man in bed.

"Thanks, Weird Al," he responds to the parody singer.

"Also, you're going to need a new skylight," Weird Al tells the Bonnaroo-ian. "The doors were locked."

Festival goers are ecstatic over the news ... but have one question in mind. WHEN WILL THE ANNOUNCEMENT BE MADE?!

Last year the 2012 Bonnaroo lineup was announced on Tuesday, Feb. 14 (Happy Valentine's Day to music lovers). In 2011, the lineup release date was on Tuesday, Feb. 15. If Bonnaroo keeps up with their pattern of announcing the lineups on Tuesdays, then fans can expect to hear the highly anticipated 2013 lineup on Tuesday, Feb. 12, or at the latest, Tuesday, Feb. 19.

The Bonnaroo festival gods have kept fans busy these past couple weeks though. With the lineup still under wraps, Bonnaroo 365 has been releasing clues as to who festival goers could expect to see this year. Check out some lineup speculation based on the clues below:

Clue 1: Based on clue 1, fans believe either Japandroids or Rage Against The Machine.

Clue 2: Based on clue 2, fans believe either Frank Ocean or Animal Collective.

Clue 3: Based on clue 3, fans believe either Deadmau5 or Furthur.

Clue 4: Based on clue 4, fans believe either Lonely Forest, STS9 or Paul McCartney.

Clue 5: Based on clue 5, fans believe either Tame Impala, Railroad Earth, Ringo Starr or Band of Horses.

Clue 6: Based on clue 6, fans believe either Watch The Throne or Snoop Lion.

Clue 7: Based on clue 7, fans believe A$AP Rocky.

Clue 8: Based on clue 8, fans believe either The Young Dubliners or Purity Ring.

Clue 9: Based on clue 9, fans believe either Mumford & Sons, The Decemberists, Dr. Dre or David Bowie.

Clue 10: Based on clue 10, fans believe Wu-Tang Clan.

If you want to be spoiled, supposedly got their hands on the headliners for 2013 Bonnaroo.

Bonnaroo 2013 will take place in Manchester, Tenn., from June 13 to 16.

Who do you think is playing at Bonnaroo this year? Sound off in the comments section below!

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