Whitney Houston's 19-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina may be pregnant, according to the popular website Media TakeOut.

The source of the speculation? A very big bump poking out of a shiny white dress at last night's premiere party for the family's new Lifetime reality show "Houstons: On Our Own." With media attention mounting as the Wednesday premiere grows near, skeptics are questioning whether the protruding bump was a publicity stunt or real. Either way, fans are concerned.

The last eight months have been a whirlwind for the singer's only daughter - and much of that whirlwind hasn't been pleasant. Following Houston's untimely death last February, a source told Us Weekly: "[Bobbi Kristina's] life will be shattered." Another source claimed she was having "a total breakdown... She is freaking out, uncontrollably sobbing. Everybody is worried."

To make matters worse, in the last few weeks, the singer's mother Cissy Houston, came out saying that she felt the $20 million Bobbi Kristina could inherit from her mother's estate would be a negative influence on the 19-year-old. Family members are reportedly highly concerned that she's not responsible enough to manage the money. As a result, Cissy and sister-in-law Marion Houston filed a petition to amend the inheritance payments.

Though Bobbi Kristina has put on a smiling face at press events the last few months - flaunting her curves and relationship at the "Sparkle" premiere in August - many fans contend that there's no way she could be over the death this soon. As a consequence, they feel some of her decisions may not be well-thought-out.

Speaking at last night's premiere, Bobbi Kristina was unusually quiet about her relationship, but did say: "As you can see, we are one." Gordon piped in: "You guys are just going to have to watch."

The singer was very much on her daughter's mind. "To me, it's total respect for my mother, you know, showing that everyone cares," she said, talking about the show. "You know they loved her and they appreciated her, no matter what," she said. "Despite the trials and tribulations we've been through, we're making it."

The show debuts this Wednesday, October 24 at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime. Watch the family gather at the premiere last night and let us know: Do you think Bobbi Kristina is pregnant?