"The Bling Ring" is about a group of L.A. teenagers who were obsessed with celebrities and all the trappings of celebrity life. Their obsession reportedly led to break-ins of the Hollywood homes of stars including Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox, and the theft of about $3 million in cash and belongings between October 2008 and August 2009. The audacious burglaries, allegedly committed by Rachel Lee, Nick Prugo, Alexis Neiers, Diana Tamayo, Courtney Ames and Roy Lopez Jr., were the subject of a 2010 Vanity Fair feature by Nancy Jo Sales and have now been turned into a Sofia Coppola film, "The Bling Ring" starring Emma Watson.

Neiers claims on her blog that no one knows the Bling Ring's real story. "The majority of the defendants walked with 3 years or so of probation, and refused to have anything to do with the media," she wrote.

Though the dreamy yet violent depiction by Sofia Coppola is a must see, the Bling Ring's real story, or what we know about it, is just as fascinating, if not more.

Here are the top 10 most outrageous facts on the Bling Ring real story:

1. The Bling Ring figured out when target celebrities would be out of town using blogs and the star's own social media accounts. The gang was then able to find the star's homes using Google Maps and Celebrityaddressaerial.com.

2. The Bling Ring was able to break into Paris Hilton's home five times because the heiress kept a spare key under her doormat.

3. During one of the burglaries at Paris Hilton's home, Nick Prugo discovered that he could fit into the reality TV star's shoes and did a dance in them, Courtney Ames told the NY Post.

4. During a burglary at Rachel Bilson's home, Prugo was nervous but Rachel Lee was so calm that she even went to the bathroom and had a bowel movement, Prugo told Vanity Fair.

5. The Bling Ring burglarized Rachel Bilson five times, stealing so much stuff that they sold some things on the Venice Beach boardwalk. Prugo said they "sold maybe 30 purses" of Bilson's for $50 each, per Washington Post.

6. Diana Tamayo is so tiny that during one robbery she broke into a home by going through a dog door, per the New York Times.

7. When Alexia Neiers served her 180-day sentence at the L.A. county women's jail, she shared a cell block with one of her victims, Lindsay Lohan., who was serving 90 days for violating probation.

8. Nick Prugo was the first to be arrested and he was wearing one of Orlando Bloom's T-shirts at the time. Prugo's mugshot shows him wearing a black and white stripped tee that belonged to the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star, per E Online

9. In her Vanity Fair feature, Nancy Jo Sales describes Neiers as "wearing a tweed miniskirt, a pink sweater, and six-inch Christian Louboutin heels," prompting Neiers to leave a tearful voicemail for the journalist on the short-lived "Pretty Wild" reality show starring Neiers.

10. Despite Prugo's claim that Lee was the mastermind behind the Bling Ring, Lee's prison coach Wendy Feldman told Fox News online, "To be honest, Rachel has a learning disability. She doesn't have a particularly high IQ and I find it hard to think she could have been the one to instigate the whole thing."

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