The BlackBerry Z10 release date could be extremely profitable for the company formerly known as Research In Motion, at least if new reports about the BlackBerry 10 touch screen device's manufacturing costs are to be believed.

According to CNN Money, BlackBerry will be selling the new BlackBerry Z10 at a profit, with current estimates pointing to a $154 build cost for each new BlackBerry 10 touch screen phone. With most carriers expected to sell the BlackBerry Z10 at $200 each, the phone's upcoming launch is likely to have an extremely positive affect on the company's quarterly numbers.

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Early reviews of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 phone haven't exactly been glowing - in fact, more than a few outlets have suggested the BlackBerry Z10 will struggle to compete with many existing/future devices -- but even moderate sales of the new smartphone would likely generate a considerable windfall for BlackBerry's corporate coffers. As of now, the major U.S. carriers have yet to confirm when they will launch the BlackBerry Z10; however, previously leaked data points to a March 27 release date for the BlackBerry Z10 on T-Mobile.

The pre-BlackBerry Z10 release date teardown and cost analysis was provided by UBM TechInsights, who revealed that the $154 device's most expensive internal component was the $26.50 4.2-inch HD display found on the front of the phone. The BlackBerry Z10's 1.5 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor came in a close second, with a $23.50 price tag, and the 8- and 2-megapixel camera sensor tandem coming in at $15.

The phone has already launched in multiple international markets, with British and Canadian citizens being the first to see an official BlackBerry Z10 release date inside their nation's borders, and one U.S. carrier is already selling the upcoming BlackBerry 10 device without a contract of any kind. Of course, the $999 being charged by Solavei is going to add up extremely quickly if BlackBerry is truly building the Z10 for less than $200 per phone.

There's no telling how consumers could react to the news, given that many $200 on-contract devices are typically subsidized by the carrier selling the phone(s), though there will undoubtedly be more than a few who believe that the BlackBerry Z10 should be signifcantly cheaper after contract subisidies. Then again, not everyone bothers to look into such things before heading out to buy their next smartphone either.

What do you think of the BlackBerry Z10 launch price, considering the new report about its relatively inexpensive production costs?

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