lackberry has announced their messaging app BBM will be coming to iOS and Android. The instant messenger service that comes default on all Blackberry devices will finally be expanding to phones like the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4 later this year for free. Blackberry Messenger on iOS and Android may finally give Bb holdouts a reason to convert to the popular smartphone operating systems. It's surprising that RIM Blackberry would make this move, as BBM was a major reason many stuck with the platform. BBM for iOS and Android will be available this summer.

Along with being sent without extra cost between users of the same platform, BBM users received "Delivered" receipts as well as "Read" receipts. Nowadays the service isn't so groundbreaking in a world with iMessage and Facebook messenger, but in the heyday of SMS, BBM was certainly notable. Even though BBM was a strong reason why many Blackberry users held on to their crackberries for so long, the company explains their reasoning behind this move. According to the Verge,

"'Why are we doing this now? It's a statement of confidence,' Heins went on. He said that BlackBerry 10's prospects are 'so strong that we are confident that BBM can become an independent messaging solution.' In a press release, BlackBerry notes that BBM's successful move to iOS and Android depends upon the approval of Apple and Google."

Many were able to fully commit to the iPhone when we first heard that Apple would be creating a BBM-like service titled iMessage. While no one at iDigital thinks Blackberry is influencing Apple's decisions, there is the slight possibility that Apple could bring iMessage to non-iOS devices given the right incentive.

Are you looking forward to using BBM on iOS and Android devices? Let us know in the comments!

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