As if there was ever any doubt, Activision confirmed that a new "Call of Duty" would arrive sometime later this year during the company's latest earnings call on Thursday.

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick wouldn't elaborate on what gamers could expect from the next entry in the "Call of Duty" franchise, but did confirm that Activision would release another shooter sometime during 2013. The ultra-popular "Call of Duty" series has been on an annualized release schedule for quite some time now, and that fact remains divisive to this day. While many "Call of Duty" fans will likely be thrilled by today's announcement, there will be just as many gamers ready to poke fun at what they believe to be the latest iteration of a boring and repetitive franchise.

The announcement is likely to paint a great deal of uncertainty around the future of "Black Ops 2", which just received its first official DLC content last month. In fact, today's "Call of Duty" announcement arrived before the "Black Ops 2" Revolution DLC is even available for gamers on the PC and PlayStation 3. The "Black Ops 2" DLC introduced five new maps, a new "Turned" zombie mode, and the first post-release gun addition in franchise history.

PC and PlayStation 3 gamers haven't been left entirely in the dark though. Last month, Activision and Treyarch finally released the Nuketown Zombies DLC as a free gift for those who'd purchased the "Black Ops 2" Season Pass. A title update was also released for all three major consoles last month which introduced a number of bug fixes, and added several new live streaming options directly to the "Black Ops 2" in-game menu.

Given the company's past history of staggering releases in the varying "Call of Duty" sub-franchises, with "Modern Warfare" and "Black Ops" releases coming in alternating years for roughly half a decade at this point, many are assuming the next game to be released by Activision will be "Modern Warfare 4".

Of course, it's always possible the company could follow-up with a direct sequel to the game that earned more than $1 billion in its first 15 days on the market. For now, Activision isn't offering up anything other than Kotick's confirmation that a new "Call of Duty" game will be available sometime during 2013.

What would you like to see included in the next "Call of Duty" game? Think Activision is planning something other than "Modern Warfare 4" with their next release?

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