With only a week remaining until the Black Ops 2 "Revolution" DLC makes its Xbox Live debut, Activision has released a new trailer for the Call of Duty add-on which features at least one face that many will find familiar.

The Black Ops 2 "Revolution" DLC may still be a week removed from its Xbox release date, but that didn't stop Activision from releasing what appears to be the next Call of Duty TV ad on YouTube this morning. Surprisingly, the new Black Ops 2 "Revolution" DLC trailer didn't mention the expansion's eventual release on PSN and Steam; however, it's certainly possible that Activision simply plans to release a new/amended trailer to coincide with those launches.

For the millions of Black Ops 2 players counting down the days until they'll have new multiplayer maps on which to improve their Kill/Death ratio, the new trailer offers little more than another quick rundown of the upcoming additions to the Black Ops 2 multiplayer map rotation. There's a brief mention of the Peacekeeper SMG, Call of Duty's first post-release gun addition, but the Black Ops 2 "Revolution" DLC trailer was anything but revelatory.

Activision's marketing department clearly thought the Black Ops 2 DLC could benefit from a little star power, though it'll be interesting to see how players respond to a gaming commercial that focuses very little on the game itself. Widely recognized actor Peter Stormare plays the part of "The Replacer"; a man who apparently makes his living by shouldering the responsibilities of everyday people, allowing said people to squeeze a few extra Black Ops 2 multiplayer matches into their day.

Sure, it's a ridiculous premise, but isn't this exactly what every kid (and a few adults) with chores has secretly hoped for?

Of course, most gamers would likely agree that Activision could/should have been a little more generous with footage of the new Zombie Mode's on-screen time during the new Black Ops 2 "Revolution" DLC trailer. While the new Black Ops 2 "Revolution" DLC trailer does mention the addition of the Turned mode, less than five seconds of footage from the new game mode actually made it into the finalized ad.

While it's being touted as the first official Black Ops 2 expansion, next week's "Revolution" DLC release will actually become the second anticipated release of Black Ops 2 content this month. The wildly popular Nuketown Zombies DLC was released as a "gift" to Black Ops 2 Season Pass owners this week, more than a month after its debut on Xbox 360, and three days after server issues delayed the content's release for players across the globe.

If you haven't already had the chance, check out the "Replacer" trailer for next week's new batch of Black Ops 2 DLC:

Do you plan to purchase the Black Ops 2 "Revolution" DLC when it's released on January 29? Stuck waiting until the PS3/Steam release on February 28?

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