The first two batches of "Black Ops 2" may have focused on adding new maps, game modes, and weapons to the popular twitch-shooter, but an Activision rep has confirmed that the next round of "Black Ops 2" DLC will feature non-game-affecting "luxury items" distributed via microtransaction.

With the "Black Ops 2" Revolution DLC now available for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, Activision's Dan Amrich hopped online to reveal that the new Micro Item DLC packs would make their debut on Wednesday, 24-hours after the latest "Black Ops 2" title update went live on Xbox 360. The publisher says the new "Black Ops 2" DLC is a direct response to fan requests for various additions to the game, that don't effect multiplayer balance, and the upcoming 160 Microsoft Point Personalization Packs will give "Black Ops 2" players access to new weapon customization options like wrapping your favorite gun(s) in bacon.

Yes, we said bacon.

Those players who've always wanted additional loadout slots and/or extra storage space for their "Black Ops 2" Theater Mode creations will be happy to know that an Extra Slots bundle (160 MS points) will include 10 additional Create-a-Class slots and the option to archive 20 more emblems, 32 additional films, and up to 40 more "Black Ops 2" screenshots on your Xbox 360's hard drive.

There will also be "Flags of the World" Calling Card packs available for purchase in the "Black Ops 2" microtransaction store, divided into geographical regions, and will cost 80 Microsoft Points for each DLC pack. It's unclear how many cards will come in the packs, though we suspect it'll only be 2-3 given the nearly-nonexistent cost of each "Black Ops 2" Flags of the World DLC pack.

So, what about those of us still vehemently opposed to the introduction of microtransactions in any/every game that's released these days?

It turns out, Activision has something in store for us to, with word that the Nuketown 2025 multiplayer map will be free to anyone interested in the download beginning on Wednesday, despite the 400 Microsoft Points which will be charged for access to Nuketown Zombies. Amrich says more information will be available on the official "Black Ops 2" website beginning on Wednesday, though we're not sure anybody will need clarification on the word "free."

While the new "Black Ops 2" DLC is only headed to Xbox 360 on Wednesday, Activision does plan to release the content on other platforms as well ; however, Amrich didn't have any information on when or what systems the content would jump to. For what it's worth, given the platform choices for the recent "Black Ops 2" Revolution DLC", we'd be shocked if the Micro Items don't turn up on the PlayStation 3 and PC before year's end.

Update: Several of the other Micro Items have leaked via the Call of Duty: Elite website, with Reddit users dmakian and Flinnjamin to post shots of the various weapon camos and targetting reticles, You can see thumbnail previews of the weapon camos here and the targeting reticles here.

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