If you weren't already planning on spending your whole weekend head-shotting zombies and other fools on "Black Ops 2," now you have a legit reason to do so -- DOUBLE XP WEEKEND BEEEYOTCH!

Treyarch announced they will be hosting a double XP weekend for "Black Ops 2" across ALL platforms from Jan. 25-28.

This is obviously welcome news to all COD fans, but especially for PS3 and PC owners who finally got their hands on the Nuketown Zombies DLC this week. The Nuketown Zombies map was originally a preorder bonus, and then became an Xbox exclusive in early December. Finally, finally, the Nuketown Zombies DLC made its way to PC and PS3 platforms this week. Although, PS3 users are encountering what feels like the predictable bad luck when it comes to big name releases.

Once the maintenance smoke cleared, PS3 owners were on their way to enjoying some hardcore zombie killing action. Of course, there can be obstacles in the way of hardcore zombie killing actions, like, you know, LIFE. Some COD fans found a way around that.

Even the minds at Treyarch marketing are anticipating you losing yourself on double XP weekend and, more importantly, on the Revolution DLC when it comes out for Xbox 360 on Jan. 29.