As has become the typical song and dance after each new Xbox 360 "Black Ops 2" DLC release, Activision has announced that the "Black Ops 2" Bacon Camo and other Personalization Packs will be making the jump to PS3 and PC in roughly two weeks.

While many of us didn't really know how to react to the news that we could wrap our characters/guns in the greasy food of the gods, thousands of gamers flocked to Xbox Live to order the new "Black Ops 2" Bacon Camo when it went live March . Now, Activision community manager Dan Amrich has revealed that the microtransaction-based "Black Ops 2" DLC is headed to PS3 and PC on April 12, bringing bacon-wrapped guns and armor to two new platforms.

The "Black Ops 2" Personalization Pack DLC will be available for purchase on PS3 and Steam on April 12, and the next round of "Black Ops 2" DLC packs will be available at the same dollar-equivalent of each "Black Ops 2" DLC pack's price in Microsoft Points. For those who may not keep track of the Microsoft Point to Dollar conversion rate -- assuming such a person(s) even exists --one U.S. dollar is worth 80 Microsoft Points.

Just as was the case with the Xbox 360 launch of the "Black Ops 2" Bacon Camo (and other assorted Micro Items) the Nuketown 2025 map will also become a free download for any/all who are interested. The famed "Black Ops 2" Nuketown Zombies map will also be available for individual purchase, at a launch price of five dollars. Both maps were previously only available to those who had purchased a "Black Ops 2" Season Pass.

Amrich also revealed that Activision is still considering a "Black Ops 2" Revolution DLC release on the Wii U, but a firm decision has apparently not been made at this time. The "Black Ops 2" Revolution DLC was first released back in January, and was re-released for PS3 and PC 30 days later on the last day of February.

For a closer look at all of the Micro Items now available on the PS3 and PC, head over to the official "Black Ops 2" DLC site for image galleries and be sure to check back with for all the latest "Black Ops 2" DLC news as it hits the web.

Update: Activision has released a trailer for the Personalization Packs and other Micro Items now available for Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360, and scheduled to debut on PS3 and PC on April 12.

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