Nintendo's Wii U console has been the main topic of the gaming world ever since the company announced its existence back at E3 2011. As of now, Nintendo is still holding its cards and hasn't revealed either its price point or when it will be released, although it's mid-November release date may have been leaked back in July. Nintendo will be holding a press conference on September 13, 2012, which we'll have front-row seats for, that will hopefully shed some light as to the questions "When?" and "How Much?".

Up until now, Nintendo has been pushing its white Nintendo Wii U console in a number of press pictures and during conventions, but the black Nintendo Wii U console has been something of a mystery. At E3 2012, Nintendo said they would be releasing only a white Wii U at its launch, with a black console coming soon after.

This week, a member of the Frag Dolls received a piece of swag that she was uber excited over and decided to show her Twitter followers what a nice piece of swag she received. The only problem is that it turns out to be a black Wii U debug unit, which we're sure Nintendo doesn't want any unofficial pictures of it being leaked out before it can make its proper announcement regarding it's availability. We're not entirely sure what will happen to the Frag Doll who received the black Wii U debut unit, but we sure are happy she decided to take a snapshot of it and post it on her Twitter profile.

As you've seen in the picture above, the Frag Doll member couldn't hold in her excitement and popped open her swag box while other people around her, which we would assume are other Frag Doll members, used their boxes holding their Wii U as a platform for their purses. One Frag Doll even has her phone planted ontop of her Wii U box. Oh, the humanity!

For now, take this recent news of the black Wii U as what it is: someone receiving a dev kit that was really excited about it and shared it on Twitter. Hopefully we'll have some more information regarding both the black and white Wii U at Nintendo's event on September 13th.