Black Friday Wii U sales are an interesting proposition this year. Impressive, even. Last year, the system was brand new, so it was a little hard to find - the long stagnation didn't set in until later, maybe around January. Now, a year later, the Wii U is starting to exit that stagnation - the key word there being 'starting'. It's also gotten a price cut. But can you save more money than that? Let's take a look at your Black Friday Wii U deals choices.

Black Friday Wii U sales, first of all, are entirely inflexible about one thing: the base price. Now, don't run away from this article just yet - we've still got some options to save money, but not directly on the console itself. After all, it did just get a $50 price cut and better bundles in September. You can also save money on games and some of those limited bundles that aren't going to be around much longer.

The Best Of The Black Friday Wii U Sales

First up: one of the Black Friday Wii U deals stands above the rest. That's the Target Wii U promotion, which is actually live right now and technically expires at 3 AM on Black Friday. The deal packages any Wii U bundle, at standard retail of $300, with a free $25 Target gift card. So it's de facto savings. Note that you can't use that gift card on the system itself, or even on the same transaction - but you can use it on another one to actually buy some games for it (you can also use the card in Target stores).

There's one caveat with the Target Black Friday Wii U sales - it's currently sold out online across every bundle, from the limited edition Wind Waker Wii U bundle to the new Mario & Luigi bundle and even the lowly vanilla Wii U Deluxe with Nintendo Land. The only version still available is the Wii U Basic bundled with Skylanders: Swap Force - actually a very solid deal in terms of pricing, if you care about Skylanders or want to hawk the exclusive figurine for yourself. But I bet you don't care about Skylanders, do you?

The only other direct Black Friday Wii U bundle deal is regional (and not even my region): according to Indystar, the upper Midwest grocery store chain Meijer has actually the best Wii U deal we've seen yet: they have the Mario and Luigi Wii U bundle for $279 - plus a $30 discount on your next visit. The deal goes live on Black Friday, so if you live in a state with a Meijer, try to get yourself one of those.

Best Buy's Black Friday Wii U sales are okay, not great: you can get the Mario & Luigi Wii U bundle, which seems like it's becoming the new default bundle, with a red or green Wii Remote Plus (retail: $40), and a copy of Nintendo Land (retail: $30 in theory, $20 in practice) for $320 (as opposed to $360 to $370).

As for Wii U games on sale on Black Friday, here are two of note: Pikmin 3 is $50 at Target, according to IGN, although the deal doesn't seem to be live yet. And, via Kotaku, Newegg has the brand-new Super Mario 3D World for $52 (head to Kotaku for the discount code). And Kmart has Wind Waker HD for $40 plus the shame of going to Kmart.

As for Black Friday 3DS deals? Why, that's another story!

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