Looking for a  Bit Heroes guide to stats, leveling up, getting more familiars on your team and winning battles? Check out our tips tricks and strategy guide to help you with it all.

Bit Heroes is a simple but fun new mobile gaming RPG that that leans pretty heavily on the nostalgia of old-school gaming. There is dungeon crawling and looting and battles along the way that allow you character to gain experience, find new equipment and progress though increasingly more difficulty levels. If you are new to RPG’s or just getting started with Bit Heroes, it might feel like there’s so much going on, you don’t know how to keep up. In order to help new players, we’ve put together a guide or walkthrough to address things like familiars, stats and leveling up, plus a few tips, tricks or strategies for performing better in battles.


Bit Heroes Guide Part 1: Main Characters Stats And Leveling Up

bit heroes guide tips strategy stats leveling up how to get familiars win battles schematics fusion equipment guilds cheats hack Your Bit Heroes main character has three specific stats or abilities you can level up: Agility, Attack and Stamina iDigitalTimes

So in Bit Heroes you have one main character you play with who has three basic stats to keep an eye on: Power, Stamina and Agility.

Power - this deals with how much damage you character deals with each hit. Each character has three different moves he or she can perform during a battle and they have a range of effectiveness. This range is improved as you Hero levels up his Power stat.

Stamina- this is your characters health points. For every one point of Stamina, your character gains 10 health points.

Agility – this has to do with how quickly/often your character can attack during the game. Each character has three bars that appear beneath it when he or she enters battle. A bar for health, an action bar and a bar I call “move points.” The more agility your character has, the quicker his turns come. If you focus on upgrading agility, your character will be able to have more turns per battle. A character with 30 Agility, for example gets to take twice as many moves as one with 15.

How To Increase Character Ability Stats

There are a couple of ways to increase your character’s stats in Bit Heroes. The first is by winning battles. For each battle you win, you gain experience points that fill up a level bar. When you have enough experience points, your character will level up and you will be given one point to apply to the character’s Power, Stamina or Agility. I’d recommend focusing on Power and Agility or Power and Stamina. Just applying skills across all three tends to produce a less effective hero. With these two build types you are focusing on power and long life or power and extra turns. Either way, Power is playing a central role.

The other way to increase your abilities is by trying on different equipment. Sometimes you have a piece of Equipment that is clearly better than everything else in your collection and so you should equip it, but in other cases different equipment may offer different benefits. For example, one ring might offer your three more points of Power, while another offers three more points of Stamina. Decide which you think is most useful to your character and then equip that item. For more on equipment, check out the equipment section of this guide.

Bit Heroes Guide Part 2: On Familiars, Their Stats And How To Get Them

bit heroes guide tips strategy stats leveling up how to get familiars win battles schematics fusion equipment guilds cheats hack kongregate Familiars will help you win more battles when you have them on your team. iDigitalTimes

As you travel through your adventure, you’ll find yourself battling a variety of characters known as “familiars.” During or at the end of a battle a familiar will sometimes have an interest in joining your team. At that point you have the option to try to persuade or bribe them to join your team. Persuasion is cheaper as it only costs gold coins but has a low success rate (1-4% depending on rarity). Bribing is obviously a lot more expensive as it requires using a lot of gems but your chance of persuading is much higher. If you are a free-to-play player, you’re probably going to opt for using gold. It may take a while but eventually you will persuade them. My strategy has been to try to persuade any familiar I don’t already have in my team. Eventually you’ll persuade someone. All players are given a couple of familiars in the beginning, but to acquire the others comes down to luck and patience.  Here’s a few things to know about familiars:

  • Familiars improve your chances of winning a battle by joining in the fight.
  • Familiars have power, agility and stamina abilities just like your main character but these abilities cannot be upgraded.
  • Some familiars can be fused to create more powerful familiars.
  • Familiars generally fall in the Tank, Damager or Healer Category. I am fond of having at least one tank and healer on my team, if possible.
  • You can see a full list of Bit Heroes Familiars and their stats at the official Bit Heroes Wiki, here.

Bit Heroes Guide Part 3: Equipment

bit heroes guide tips strategy stats leveling up how to get familiars win battles schematics fusion equipment guilds cheats hack Try out different equipment types to get the best value for your character in Bit Heroes. iDigitalTimes

As mentioned above, your character has a number of equipment slots that allow him or her to enhance his abilities including a weapon, shield, helmet, body armor, necklace and ring. The more rare a piece of equipment, the more it enhances your character. To get better pieces of equipment you need to dungeon crawl in the highest zone you have reached. Once you’ve beaten the basic level of a particular zone, you can go back in and try the hard and heroic version of the zone as you’ll have better chances at getting good equipment when you play the more difficult of a zone and you have a higher chance of persuading to join your team at those harder levels.

Bit Heroes Guide Part 3: Guilds

bit heroes guide tips strategy stats leveling up how to get familiars win battles schematics fusion equipment guilds cheats hack Joining a Guild offers benefits such as Honor Points for purchasing extra gear and items. iDigitalTimes

Joining a guide has a couple of advantages in Bit Heroes. The first is that after you’ve beat the basic level of a Boss Dungeon, you can replay it with some of your guild mates as part of your team. In most cases, at least early in the game, your guild mates are going to have much higher stats than any familiar in your group so using them is a big advantage.

The other advantage is a passive one. Basically every time you gain experience, you add experience to your guild. This translates to honor points for you, which can be used to purchase stuff in the Guild Store. It’s a small perk but a perk nonetheless.

Bit Heroes Tips Tricks And Strategies: Extra Things We’ve Learned To Help You Progress Through The Game

bit heroes guide tips strategy stats leveling up how to get familiars win battles schematics fusion equipment guilds cheats hack During battle, you can switch positions of your characters to save on health. iDigitalTimes

Tip #1: Switch Up Characters During Battle

This is something I figured out kind of late in the game, but you can actually switch the order of you characters during a battle. Simply tap the switch button in the bottom right-hand corner of the battle screen and drag you character to the position you want him or her in. Since the front character in your group tends to take the bulk of the hits, it’s a good idea to switch them around when his health starts to fall below 50%.

Tip #2: Position Tanks Toward The Front

When you assemble your team, there’s typically one that will have more health than the others. Placing this character in the front of the group is usually best, since the character at the front tends to take the brunt of the attacks.

Tip #3 Hold Off Of Using Potions Till Needed

As you are progressing through a dungeon it’s a good idea to avoid using a potion until you absolutely need it. You only get to use one per character per dungeon so burning a potion early is going to leave you high and dry when headed for the boss battle. If you switch the position of your characters as health goes low and keep a healer of some sort on your team, you’ll manage to stay in the game a bit longer as well.

Tip #4: Think About The Best Move

Each member of a team has three specific moves and depending how many “move points” the team member has on a turn decides which moves are available. While you may be tempted to go with whichever move costs the most, it’s a good idea to take a minute and think which move will benefit you most. For example, if your healer is at the back and you tank and the front is taking lot of damage, it’s probably a good idea to use that turn to heal him rather than try to deal damage. Or in the case of Batty, don’t use the skill that revives health and deals damage at the same time if your health is full or almost full. The move takes two of your Move points to implement is just a waste of energy. Assess what’s going on the battlefield and make the best choice based on your situation at the time.