Twitter has been known to kill off a few good celebrities such as Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift without actually ending their physical life, but never before has this networking medium managed to kill two Bills with one stone. That, however, is exactly what happened with today's double-death hoax I'm dubbing "Kill Bill Monday".

The first feigned death, that of the insanely popular children's show scientist Bill Nye, started as a small, swirling Twitter rumor, surfacing late on Sunday evening. By Monday morning, Twitter was flooded with thousands of messages wishing farewell to the dearly departed, but not yet dead, Bill Nye the Science Guy.

It seems, however, this evening, yet another hoax-like kill-off has begun to trend on the short message medium.

According to Fashion and Style, Cosby's death started trending on Twitter late Monday evening and is still trending even now.

A bit of an aggressive streak wouldn't you say Twitter?

Bill Cosby, however, is no stranger to death-by-Twitter hoaxes. In 2010, the long-time comedian was killed off any number of times, until in his exasperation, he told CNN news that "I don't want to do this anymore, because this is my fourth time being reported [dead]".

The comedian went on to say, "I don't know. Maybe a psychiatrist will say I'm feeding [the rumor starter's] ego, but I just want to say to friends of that person: Just tell him to stop, because it isn't funny,"

The response came after the comedian heard of a dear friend, left in tears, for fear the rumor was actually a fact.

I don't know about you, but in my opinion, its time for the death hoax nonsense to stop as, before long, few of us will know what to believe as true or just a myth. It seems that many amongst the social network are also getting fed up with this ridiculous form of amusement by unknown hoaxers on Twitter.

" Bill Cosby has died....only on twitter...not in real life. Quit starting stupid twitter death hoaxes." says annoyed @breakingnews

"Bill Cosby is alive. Stop with the death hoaxing. It's not even funny." adds @kevincjohnson

While @Bonitaappl3bomb says "Where is the chill button? I don't think Bill Cosby really died smh people are way too bored"

Tweeter @pagerDasia, however, may have had the best response of all, saying "Why is there a RIP Bill Cosby page on FB?! That just seriously pissed me off! He ain't even dead! Y'all know how I feel about Bill! Sh-t!"

Though there have been countless situations where social media outlets, such as Twitter, have served to give good and meaningful information about serious situations and conditions, these become tainted when hoaxes such as the Bill Cosby, Bill Nye and other celebrity kill-offs take place.

I guess the moral of this story is, it's all fun and games, until some Billy gets killed....

What are your thoughts about the many celebrity Twitter killings? Is it time for the hoaxes to end? Vote in our poll below.

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