Bill Clinton, most likely swayed by Stephen Colbert's opinion on the matter, created a Twitter account, @BillClinton, on Thursday. The former President of the United States decided to forgo using the Twitter handle @PrezBillyJeff. At the moment Bill Clinton currently has four tweets, promoting his Clinton Foundation and talking with his daughter Chelsea and new best friend Colbert. We're hoping now that Bill Clinton has joined Twitter his next step is Instagram, but only if it's as bad as that gal RiRi's.

@billclinton: Sorry I couldn't make it @StephenAtHome. I've been busy with @Clintonfdn work on global heath. Thrs is #WorldMalariaDay you know #Raincheck? Clinton made an appearance at the "Colbert Galactic Initiative University" early April to discuss his latest philanthropic efforts, such as the Clinton Global Initiative. Stephen Colbert then went on to talk about the former President's social media presence, or lack thereof. Because @PresidentClinton and @WilliamJeffersonClinton were taken, Colbert decided @PrezBillyJeff was the best remaining handle.

Twitter has no doubt responded to Clinton's arrival on the service. See some of Twitter's reactions below.


Slick Willy just got on Twitter and already has 300K followers. I know he wants to follow me. @billclinton

@kneeds 'I did not have DM relations with that woman': Bill Clinton joins Weiner with new Twitter handle. via @TwitchyTeam




Ladies watch out, Bill Clinton just got in the twitter game @billclinton

@BrianCSykes @billclinton welcome to twitter Mr. President, hope you plan on making a trip to Tennessee soon


Now I wanna know what happened to the guy who had the @billclinton Twitter handle first. Does he get a T-shirt or an autograph or something?

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