Watch "Big Brother" Season 15, Episode 3 live stream on Find out the Power of Veto results.

"Big Brother" season 15 started off with sixteen houseguests competing for the $500,000 prize. Each week, three people will be up for eviction (rather than the former two) and fans can vote for the weekly "Big Brother MVP", who will choose the third nominee for exile. McCrae is this season's first Head of Household (HOH) and Jeremy won the "Never Not" pass (meaning he will never be a Have Not during "Big Brother" season 15).

During last week's "Big Brother" episode, the house was broken up into four teams (red, blue, yellow and green) and competed in "Cooler and the Gang", in which a member of each time races across Lake Big Brother, collects cans and completes a 15 can pyramid. The losing team become the "have nots" for the week. The red team came in last, consisting of Howard, Judd, Helen and Andy.

In the Nomination Ceremony, Jessie and Candice were nominated for eviction, due to being the least liked contestants in the "Big Brother" house, leaving Jessie dumbfounded and Candice motivated.

What about alliances? It appears Jeremy is covertly dipping into two alliance pools, teaming up with Howard and Spencer in one alliance, and David and Jessie in another. Aside from alliances, it is revealed that Elissa is former "Big Brother" contestant Rachel Reilly's sister.

"Big Brother" season 15 episode 3 features the Power of Veto competition, which Buddy TV describes as involving honey and spelling, and being as fierce and complicated as ever. Contestants have to wade through a honey pit to collect letters and attempt to spell the longest word. Who will win this week's competition? For more "Big Brother" season 15 spoilers, click here.

So far, "Big Brother" season 15 is full to the brim with the usual alliances, romances and nomination drama. Tuesday's "Big Brother" episode 3 will reveal the first fan-voted MVP of season 15 as well as that contestant's choice for eviction nominee.

In the "Big Brother" Episode 3 Preview, alliances and hook ups abound. Which contestant do you want saved from eviction this week? Watch "Big Brother 15" Tuesday nights on CBS at 9 p.m.